Incredible cover of book published in 1932

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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Thanks, I just scanned through it. What an awful religion this was. It is now too, but in a different way.

  • Landy

    A senior colleague of mine was surprised I had once been a JW, stating it just did fit with how she viewed me. She virtually said, with open- mouthed incredulity, "How could you have ever believed that kind of religious bullshit?!" I simply said, "I was born into it and it was completely normal to me."

    "Oh" was her one word reply

    I dont think she fully comprehended how much children are at the mercy of what their parents say and least until those children get older and - if they ever do - start questioning what they've been taught from the beginning of their lives.

    I think the same goes for me. When you're young you trust your parents.

    Don't cross the road without looking

    Don't swing off the garage roof you'll hurt yourself

    You must go to the meetings or you'll die at armageddon.

    Plus you tend to asssociate with others who believe the same things which further reinforces it into a normality.

  • Landy

    In 1932, right after the Jehovah's Witness religion was founded in 1931, Rutherford published a series of 12 pamphlets (one each month). All 12 can be downloaded here:

    The illustrations for all 12 pamphlets are done in the same style

    What an excellent resource.

  • TD

    Nothing unusual about the picture. It was common in depictions of Eve at the time and symbolic of her innocence

    It's easy to project modern attitudes backwards onto 80+ year-old matieral and we all have a tendency to do it.

    With that in mind, it might help to become familiar with the Art Deco movement and its fascination with Egyptology as well as the extensive usage of Medieval motifs by orthodox Christianity before reading Meier

  • Truthexplorer

    Hey TD. To be honest Springmeirs book is quite fascinating as can't put it down. For example the most important word in freemasonry is Jehovah. Thanks for letting know about Art deco movement though.

  • steve2

    Good points, TD!

  • Phizzy

    From Wiki :

    Fritz Artz Springmeier (also known as Viktor E. Schoff)[1] is an American right wing conspiracy theorist author, formerly a resident ofCorbett, Oregon, who has written a number of books claiming that satanic forces are behind a move toward world domination by various families and organizations. He has described his goal as "exposing the New World Order agenda."[2][3]

    Not a reliable source, I would suggest.

  • FayeDunaway

    The painting of Eve is so very odd. Her head looks like a 6 year old's. She has NO neck. Her upper body looks 11. Her lower body looks 35. Had the person who painted this NEVER seen a naked woman before??......I guess that's very possible actually......:)

  • oppostate

    I'm sure Rutherford sold a lot of those booklets to guys who were interested in finding out his interpretation of Genesis and the cause of death.

    But, I think this booklet was found to cause blindness in a lot of farmers in upstate NY and VT, or so it's rumored.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Landy said, "What an excellent resource."

    Wow, yes, it certainly looks like it may be... I need to explore this a bit.

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