Incredible cover of book published in 1932

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  • Thisismein1972

    Hahaha pale.emperor that made me laugh out loud.

    It's so funny to see this story with open eyes and actually realise that God was the one that did the taunting and not the red horned one.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I still cant quite get over the fact that i used to believe this bible crap. My only saving grace is that i was born into this stupidity.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I'm a little surprised no one has commented on the phallic image in the background

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Wow......just wow. Also, you guys are hilarious. I canthink believe I used to believe this sometimes. What is die.....what is evil.....why place the tree.....what is it about "knowing good and bad". Argh!!!

  • OrphanCrow
    dropoff: I don't recall this book, are we sure it was WT published? or was it a booklet or tract?

    It was a WT published pamphlet.

    In 1932, right after the Jehovah's Witness religion was founded in 1931, Rutherford published a series of 12 pamphlets (one each month). All 12 can be downloaded here:

    The illustrations for all 12 pamphlets are done in the same style

    The WT went on to publish many tracts and pamphlets leading up to and during WW2 - they are also available for download at that link*

    * "Loyalty", published in 1935, would be an interesting pamphlet to dissect and compare to today's WT writings on loyalty. The 1935 pamphlet focused on the flag salute...I wonder what legal issue they are resisting this time?

  • steve2

    Witness My Fury, I so get what you're saying.

    A senior colleague of mine was surprised I had once been a JW, stating it just did fit with how she viewed me. She virtually said, with open- mouthed incredulity, "How could you have ever believed that kind of religious bullshit?!" I simply said, "I was born into it and it was completely normal to me."

    "Oh" was her one word reply.

    I dont think she fully comprehended how much children are at the mercy of what their parents say and least until those children get older and - if they ever do - start questioning what they've been taught from the beginning of their lives.

  • Nathan Natas
  • jws

    1932 was also pre-code Hollywood where Nudity might be a regular (though usually innocent) part of movies.

    Even the most famous Tarzan IMO, Johnny Weissmuller swam with a completely naked Jane for several minutes in Tarzan and his Mate.

    I think the prevailing thought is always that people were more prudish going back, but often times they were more liberal than we often times are.

  • Truthexplorer

    Thanks Nathan Nate. I downloaded the PDF link you gave. The picture at the very end of the booklet is also a little bit crazy looking, ie the grim reaper standing behind Adam who appears to be bent over whilst working the soil. The artists in those days put so much thought into their work !!

  • wifibandit

    Just to make sure these files are available:

    1932 - Cause of Death (two pages side-by-side)

    1932_cod_E (one page at a time)

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