Window Washers

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  • Nikki collins
    Nikki collins

    I know @hiddenpimo is going to laugh at me for this because we had several in our old congregation, BUT what is with all the Window Washing businesses owned/managed by JWs??? they are everywhere!

  • HiddenPimo

    It’s all you can get with no education but don’t laugh too much as they make over 200k a year ( the ones you are talking about)

  • truth_b_known

    Janitorial service at one time was the number 1 means of gainful employment for JWs. When my parents got married they wee pioneers. They lived in an apartment above a garage and paid the bills by cleaning banks after hours.

    Like so many Witnesses, the have no retirement or health insurance. Contributing to a retirement system was believed to show a lack of faith in 1)the end coming before you needed a retirement or 2)that Jehovah would provide. Unlike my parents, I picked a career. I'll be eligible for retirement at 52 and will be living in a beach house.

  • LongHairGal


    Since as you say some window washers make this much, hopefully nobody is going around with an envelope asking for money for THEM!

    They are in a better situation to give money to their ‘spiritual’ friends in the religion who aren’t doing well because they believed the religion who told them ‘they didn’t need’ to plan for their retirement

  • HiddenPimo
    The thing is LHG, they were always hit up for money and I am sure Nikki can attest to her family getting hit up for money. I was hit up for money. AS anyone with a nice house and a new car was considered rich and just like the socialist mentality it ws always pressure to help out the lowly one who still had money for movies, vacations, and starbucks...
  • blondie

    If own business

    1) Own boss, can set hours

    2) All money is yours except what required by government

    3) The more you work the more money you make, set price, give yourself a raise, etc.

    4) No problems with getting holidays and vacations off, can even work holidays depending on customer

    There is nothing wrong with working for yourself or doing work others won't stoop to do or time. I had cleaning jobs and my hourly rate was $35 for a job, which worked out to $17.50 an hour. I paid employment tax, my gas, and sometimes cleaning supplies, but I made quite a bit of money even part-time. I worked on my own, no problem with supervisors or co-workers. I knew window washers that made more money after expenses than some people with seemingly more prestigious jobs.

    I had so many people wanted me cleaning for them because I did a great job and was bonded. All my jobs came through referrals and some would offer to pay me twice my going rate to drop one customer for them; which I sometimes did if that customer was reluctant to pay me more, condescended to me because I was a lowly cleaner.

    The US tax agency requires that self-employed people pay the equivalent of social security quarterly, similar to people with employers required to do so. I was able to get adequate health insurance. Later my employers had a system to contribute more to your already set-up investment with them.

    So, I sometimes think that ex-jws did not know many window cleaners or they wouldn't demean their profession, and me as well.

  • LongHairGal


    These so-called lowly ones had better get jobs and stop thinking other people with jobs are going to give them money so they can go tripping along ringing doorbells!

    When I was in the religion I never gave anything to these pioneers! NO way. Not after how I was viewed because of my job - which I’m glad I kept. I would never tolerate the constant appeals for money now. They have some nerve. I’m glad I left years ago.

  • neverendingjourney

    It's pretty straightforward. There are lots of JW window washers because WT leadership encouraged people to become window washers. It was a "theocratic career" that would buy you instant credibility. You want a part at the circuit assembly? Become a window washer and get paraded in front of the audience as an exemplary Christian.

    When I graduated high school in the mid 90s, the WT was encouraging recent graduates to go to vocational/technical school in lieu of college. I followed their advice and enrolled in a 9 month welding program. Nine months and twenty thousand dollars later I had a worthless piece of paper and nobody would hire me. It took me 15 years to pay off those loans. But, hey, at least I followed Mother's direction!

    Whether knowingly or not, the WT was steering their members into one of the most fraudulent and corrupt industries in America: for-profit vocational schools.

  • vienne

    My grand uncle, a long-time Witness, gave up teaching for three years to pioneer. He says he was a 'window washer' during that period and made more than he made as a professor of history. Never despise a trade.

  • Lynnie

    Anyone know anyone in Seattle that are window washers?

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