Should Reparations Be Given To Relatives of Slaves?

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  • vienne

    No. My family were not slave owners; my American ancestors fought in the Civil War to free slaves. Why should our taxes go to pay for sins of others now over 150 years past? Asking for reparations is a cover for failure to assume personal responsibility.

  • mikeflood

    No reparations there's a social welfare system for everybody in need of it, no matter which race are you. On the funny side, I'm 3.5 % sub-saharian, so should I get 3.5 % of a complete reparation? I mean, we share more than we think.

  • minimus

    I know of a guy and anytime political issues are brought up he says he wants reparations. He tries to work as little as possible and supports the government taking care of him and his various children. He feels ENTITLED simply because he’s black. Sooo silly.

  • rockemsockem

    Nope, If you can find a slave then pay them. If not its history.

  • out4good4
  • Simon

    No, it's ridiculous. There is simply no way that it would be fair. Who decides who has suffered most and caused the suffering? Its collective guilt taken to the extreme (which is a consequence of group identity / intersectionality).

    Reparations have already been paid in the form of positive discrimination / lowering of SAT score requirements and the thousands that died to end slavery from the tiny few who practiced it.

    Hey, maybe black people should pay reparations to their families? If not, why not?

    Should Muslim and South American countries who killed significantly more blacks than the Americas pay? If not, why not?

    This is a shakedown attempt by a few for political reasons. It will not to anything for anyone who suffered because of slavery and it will do very little for the people who receive the money, but it will cause more ill-will and racial tensions and this is the real purpose of it.

    Has anyone noticed how racism just doesn't seem to be as much as an issue since Obama and Holder were shown the door? Whatever happened to BLM? Why hasn't there been another Fergusson? It's all gone quiet because to a large extent they created and promoted the issues for political reasons and this is an attempt to resurrect the distrust and bad feeling that they benefit from.

  • Biahi

    This reminds me of when, after hurricane Katrina, flooded out poor people were given $3000.00 gift cards, to assist them in getting necessities, like socks, underwear, toiletries, and sheets and towels, etc. I heard reports of many buying designer purses. So, my opinion is no.

  • waton

    may be they should pay an extra premium for having been taken out of the black continent early with it's ongoing misery, learned valuable skills, had as their ancestors the roots for the greatest, and highest paid athletes.Were forced to participate in the American dream.

    If slave ships were running today, there would be lineups, like at the Canadian Border.

  • nicolaou

    Putting the political conspiracies to one side (I'm just not interested in that angle), I find the moral case fascinating.

    If your grandfather cheated people out of their homes and savings and you were one of the beneficiaries of his unethical behaviour would the grandchildren of his victims have a claim against you or not?

    This isn't black and white (yeah, I said that). Owning slaves may be immoral and unethical but it was legal at the time. Do reparations claims a century and a half later have a diminished clout? Probably, but it's still one hell of an injustice.

    How can I, a white European who's never even been to the USA judge when it's time to "let it go"?

    My father's family had to run for their lives when Turkey invaded Northern Cyprus in 1974. They lost their home, land and business. Nearly 50 years later my Dad is now an old man who still hasn't given up on getting his family inheritance back. His generation are typically united in their attitude. It was their homes, their villages, farms and vineyards and they still want it back.

    But time keeps moving on and my Dad's generation want to pass this baton on to my generation. Should I fight for a loss that wasn't directly mine? Should I benefit if these properties are restored to their original owners?

    What of the current Turkish occupants? Shouldn't they be considered too?


  • minimus

    From my understanding, the USA is statistically in last place for bringing in slaves from Africa. Yes, they did but other nations should be thinking of reparations and let’s see where that goes.

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