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  • possum

    No he was not punished he disassociated himself. Because I reported the abuse when my daughter was of legal age it is all up to her. For many valid reasons my daughter (the victim) is not able to pursue legal action at this time in her life.

    JW.ORG is a cruel and controlling CULT. It will not allow you to criticize or discuss its shamefully inadequate child protection policies or procedures. Shown up so well in Royal Commission.

    I was even accused to "worshipping my daughter ahead to Jehovah" because I put her needs ahead of continuing to protect a peodohile under 2 witness policy.

    It is absolutely their way or the highway!!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    If you think this is an exception in your case you are seriously deluded. This repressed bunch of sexaphobes are afraid they will be tempted into bed by anyone of the opposite sex. Mind you it can happen in a restaurant, a car or even a bathroom! EVERYONE IS HORNY! No amount of years underlining Watchtowers can protect you from wanting immediate sex when alone with another of the opposite sex! Get with the program! No, wait... get the hell out of there before they accuse you of cheating on your husband with the mailman, plumber or your own brother from out of town.... Jerks.
  • Esmeralda001

    wasanelder One: "everyone is horny" and paranoïd.

    well that explains why the elder's wife kept looking at the back seat to check on her son and me (We were seating next to each other) on our way to the 2 days assembly. She kept looking back and asked :"are you guys ok? Are you guys hungry? Are guys cold?" ...That was in the days where I was in good therm with her family. I will never accept a ride from the people again.

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