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  • LongHairGal


    So, you STILL want to be part of this religion after the negative things that have already happened to you with your short experience there??

    The experience you had is one that many JW women have had, myself included. You are made to feel like some kind of "temptress" when you are a woman in the Witness religion. It's worse if a woman is attractive but as another poster said - even somebody "plain" (as long as she's not very elderly) will be treated the same way.

    It sounds to me as if you are determined to stick with it. You better develop a thick skin because you ain't seen nothing yet as far as being shocked, stumbled and having your feelings hurt by these people.

    I confess I like reading your posts because I am reminded of why it was the BEST thing I ever did when I walked away from the Witness religion!! Lots of luck to you!

  • possum

    As I was being an obedient/trusting sister I left the room to hospitably make a cup of tea for an elder who I assumed called in (alone)on an important shepherding visIt he took advantage of proximity to my small child to sexually assault her. He arrived with another brother but sent him away to the next house.

    I wish/wish/ I didn't trust!

  • Esmeralda001


    I haven't taken any decision concerning where I want to stand. While i'm still studying, and doing my researches simultaneously, I keep attending the meetings. I'm a very analytic person. I like to collect data before drawing a conclusion. while I trust you guys when you say that my experience isn't unic, I think that it is the way it is mainly because I am in a congregation where the prominent members, that is the presiding-elder's family, hate me. I remember my experience being so mucn more pleasant when I was in their good side. Since I don't kiss people's buttocks, the only way I can be in a state of serinity and quieteness again is by switching congregation, which i'll do anyway.

    @the rest of you

    thanks for giving me some clarification. I had no idea JWs couldn't give to members of the opposite sex a ride. I tought the elder's wife was concerned only because she didn't trust ME personally. If I knew that it was a general rule, It certainly wouldn't have affected me. I overreacted...

  • ToesUp

    The JW's have the dirtiest minds. They think everything and everyone is evil and everyone will have sex with one another. They don't even trust other JW's.

    If you are studying with these people...RUN! We were born in (50 plus years) and is just gets worse the longer you stay in.

  • Esmeralda001


    Did you report this pig?!!!!!!!

  • Esmeralda001


    I confirm that their minds are twisted if they thought that I would have taken advantage of the fact I was alone with a man to have sex (IN A CAR). whatever...

  • dubstepped

    I'll take it another step farther. In the congregation I grew up in, it was unusual for brothers and sisters to even work out in service together, even if married. The brothers always went in car groups of brothers, and the sisters likewise. There was a prominent elder and a pioneer that were both married to other people decades ago that were hooking up while out in service and that congregation was paranoid like no other. I don't think I ever even spoke to any of the young sisters in our hall until I was in my late teens. It just didn't happen. We were all kept apart.

    How great would it have been if a same sex partnership developed out of the bros on bros car groups, or the girls on girls ones? Those people would have insisted on working solo at every door forevermore.

    I pioneered out of high school and worked alone many times because the sisters didn't want to work with me. It was one long, awful year. One time I did give a ride to an elderly sister to her house just a few blocks from the hall for some reason (maybe her car wouldn't start or something). I'm sure it would have been scandalous if we were caught together. I was maybe 18, she was in her seventies, so anything could have happened.

  • possum

    I trusted in the ORG

    I trusted the "2 witness rule"

    I trusted my own anointed parent who "stated that the angels will keep the cong clean"

    for 12 years

    When my teenage baptised (used on platform at assemblies) daughter remembered the abuse the spiritual guides I "trusted" said "only Demonized people remember abuse".

    I reported to police/australian royal commision resulting in such vicious shunning we had to sell our home and move.

    Just before we left we had visit from presiding overseer let us know that they were no longer willing to protect offender had left his wife and moved in with much younger woman and we where now free in their eyes to take action against him . (with not financial or support from them) how nice of them!

    Now the bible gives me hives and I don't trust men/religion,authority, angels........ect,ect, ect

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Dear Esmeralda,

    Reporting "the pig" about child abuse is one of the main reasons that many have left this "looking good on the outside" organization.

    Pedophilia has been a problem for a long time, as there is a requirement for two witnesses for elders to do something about it, and that is within the congregation.

    Elders do not go to police,(if it is a state law, they are suppose to) they do not usually encourage people to go to the police, make you feel guilty if you go to the police, as "it will take away from Jehovah's name." Most JW's will say "wait on Jehovah" he will take care of it..... It is very twisted. The way the "organization looks" becomes the most important, to the demise of children and their families. My husband was disfellowshipped for testifying in a trial for telling the truth. The WT didn't like it.

    Please do a lot of research on this site, JWFACTS, and more. If you do join JW's, and get baptized, and then THE ORGANIZATION changes it's teachings, and you still believe what you were first taught "from the bible" you will be disfellowshipped, shunned, and will lose all relationships built over all of those years.

    This group of people can seem, very nice..... it is dangerous.

    Be smart, cha ching

  • Esmeralda001


    Please, tell me that He was punished by the law for that! Why were you and your family shunned when you were the ones who got hurt? How is your daughter doing now?

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