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  • Esmeralda001

    It seems that JW immediately assume that all "wordly" people (as they like to call it) are immoral and unworthy of their trust. I sort of understand how it can be dangerous for a christian to have association with someone who doesn't share their values, but don't you think that some members take the conceal lied in Corinthians 15:33 to the extreme? What about Romans 2:14?

    My study conductor was looking for someone to dropped me home yesterday after the evening meeting. Her husband (who is an elder) was handling some important business it seems. She knew I had to get home early so she tried to get another sister to drop me home. Finally another elder (the presiding-elder) asked his son to give me a ride. His wife didn't even let the man finish his sentence, she interrupted him and demanded that their four daughters come with us in the car. Needless to say that I was very offended by this intervention. What was this lady thinking? Was she afraid that the very petit woman that I am could possibly rape her full grown 26-years-old son? What gave her the right to insinuate such a thing in front of my study conductor? How shameful! It hurt my feelings and my proud so much that I lied and said that my dad could come pick me up, and got the hell out of there. I took the bus... After awhile the discomfort dissipated, and I realized that it was actually a good thing that the elder's children didn't drive me home. I don't want anything to do with them.

    Some members are so afraid of worldly people that they end up acting in a way that isn't representative of the bible's guideline. Although I'm not a JW, I was raised in a very conservative way: I carry myself as a respectable lady, I dress with class and modesty, I talk only when i'm asked to, I don't display too much emotion, I avoid drawing unecessary attention on me, and most importantly I have good values and morales. Yet, it seems that i'm unworthy of being trusted as a person. That's one one thing to want to limit contact with "non-christians". But to treat them like inferior creatures is wrong! Point Blank!

    Were you guys guilty of this type of behaviour when you were in? Did you finally come to realize that Non-JWscan be just as good or bad as JWs? Share your thoughts please

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I remember going to a supermarket with three sisters where two of them left the car to go in. I was going to stay behind in the car with the other sister when the two others gestured and motioned me to leave the car with them. They didn't want me to be alone with her. JWs are very strict about leaving members of the opposite sex alone with each other.
  • tornapart
    Esmerelda, they don't trust anybody! You could be a 70 year old spinster with a face like the back end of a bus and they'd be worried about a brother taking you home.... alone in a car.... it's normal for Jws. Everyone has to have a chaperone or else they'd be getting up to all sorts of hankypanky.... believe me, they think anyone on their own with a member of the opposite sex is going to be immoral. They say it's 'innappropriate'.
  • prologos

    that the very petit woman that I am could possibly Petite woman are in high demand (expect pms) in this age of hormone enhanced nutrition, so, take it as a compliment, She probably trusts you but not the 26 year old. Remember, being alone in a house a deux, even mobile can be a disfellowshipping offense.

  • LV101

    Where are the chaperones to protect the innocent children (the Org cares less about) from all the pedophiles and degenerates the Org protects!

  • Crazyguy
    If you wish to be a Christian go to a non denominational church. You'll find more love more caring for the community and less bs like this.
  • Listener
    According to their own rules the wife did the wrong thing by interrupting her husband and telling him how to handle things.
  • silvia
    I've noticed this in JW behavior. I don't think they know that they are offending you. They live in their own pocket of subculture and don't understand any other perspective...certainly not the worldy people. It used to get on my nerves that they behaved as if they were superior and holier than thou. I believe that I am a much more decent person than any JW that I've met. Of course, you can't convince them of that. I've said this before. They don't want outsiders in. They knock on doors so that they can relieve their conscience and not be blood guilty. That's what I think anyways. I'm sorry they are treating you this way. It's best to move on and find acceptance elsewhere.
  • Simon

    I offered to give a work colleague a ride home once without thinking because she walked to work and a severe blizzard had started. Of course as soon as I'd offered my "hadn't-got-the-memo-yet old-JW brain-cells" kicked in (conditioning) and I stuttered something like "oh, wait ... erm, am I allowed to?"

    "allowed by who? hell's yeah I want a ride !" she said.

    It turns out that you can actually give someone a ride in a car, have a great conversation and get to know someone as a friend with nothing untoward going on.

    If I'd still been following the WTS rules we would never have got to know someone would later become our very best friend.

  • Listener

    I'd love to know how they handle this sort of situation in the workplace. Over the years I've found myself having to travel with a male workmate for one reason or not.

    Come to think of it, I was assigned to a project with a guy and it was only through being alone with him and travelling that I found out he was a JW. We got on great and he didn't think twice about the issue of us being alone.

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