What does shunning acomplish?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Disfellowshipping and it's shunning accomplishes one major thing: INFORMATION CONTROL. It is said to "keep the Congregation clean" -- a little leaven, ya know how it goes. But the reality is that the primary purpose is that it prevents most active JWs from conversing with those who have expressed doubts, or worse, have challenged the Biblical basis of JW doctrine.

    When any JW begins to doubt any of their long-held beliefs, we here know it usually leads to researching (since now it is easy to do anonymously online), which leads the person to jw.facts or jwsurvey or this site, which eventually usually will lead them right out of The Troof(™)!

    The JW religion is hemorrhaging members thanks to the internet and the multitude of informative anti-JW websites. (And perhaps it's even unfair to label them "anti-JW". I think they are more "PRO-TRUTH" than anti-anything.)

    Once a doubting JW beings to see TTATT, well............it's all over!

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    The Borg is ramping up its emphasis on shunning as it tries to stop the hemorrhaging of its members contributors.

  • HeyLittleGirl

    I have an uncle who was removed as an elder years ago, because he expressed quite strongly that he felt (and still feels) that DF'ing and shunning is over-used and for too many minor things.

    It doesn't bother him enough to leave the religion, though.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Shunning is very effective for them.
    It causes many to keep their mouth shut when they don't agree about something.
    It causes many to kiss the elders' asses to keep from being DF'ed or to get back in because they want to have communication with their family.
    It silences the ones who are willing to speak up- others won't listen to them.

  • panhandlegirl

    The Borg thinks that shunning will bring those of us who left back in line but that's not going to happen. Sure it hurts to be ignored by our former friends and family but I tell myself that I am just as important as they are and if they can live the rest of their lives without me, I can live without them. I refuse to be coerced into returning into a system that resembles serfdom. I will use my critical skills to determine what is true and what is fantasy. I will determine my own destiny.

  • scratchme1010

    Great thoughts, poopie.

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