What does shunning acomplish?

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  • poopie

    Well in order to shun someone you must dehumanize them much like what occurred in slavery. Dehumanizing someone now allows you treat them worst then an animal. And now you can justify ignoring them there not human anymore. So minorties in the world will.

  • tor1500


    Shunning is a matter of control. It is supposed to make the person feel so bad about what they did. AKA: Guilty. Make you miss your JW family that you'll straighten up and fly right.

    Many in the org. feel shunning df'ing is a good and loving thing....I don't think so....just like putting a child on time out, how long is that supposed to be for.

    There are only approx. 8 million that think shunning is loving... Thank Goodness...just a drop in the bucket...

    Shunning may work for some but for others it may not make a difference at all, they wanted to leave anyway.

    So, the ? was what does it accomplish...NOTHING.


  • ShirleyW

    Shunning is basically saying "it's my way or the highway" if you want to talk to me or anyone else the Borg again, pure mind control and a power move.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    WT shunning has the undesired effect of creating hordes of double agents. (Undesired by the Org.) People who don't give a shit about being a JW, they only want their rights to family inclusion and a place in polite society with their friends. It is a farce that hurts the Watchtower more than they know. How many have you known who only came back to have family association and then faded into subtle apostasy? I've read of many on here.

  • Dunedain

    Like tor1500 touched on, it is a way the Borg can use control. Its really two fold in its control. It, as tor1500 said, is used to "straighten" out wayward flock member to try and "scare" them into A- not leaving in the first place, OR, B- coming back since they lost everyone.

    Another major control factor that shunning is for the Borg, is it allows them to discard and cut off ANY that THEY deem subversive or "apostate".

    If someone starts to question things, or the BS that the GB is spouting is not making sense, the "looming specter" of DFing helps keep the sheeple quiet.

    Then if you do have someone who IS making sense, and their questioning of the GB is valid, DFing them can control them from "tainting" any others. In the hopes of knowing that literally these persons will not even be said Hello too, it helps the Borg keep control so that ONLY their version of things an be spoken about and accepted.

    JWs are a VERY high mind control cult. They are VERY extreme in their control and regulation of the R&F. Shunning is a by product of this extreme control, and can ONLY exist in a VERY high control group.

    The scary thing is, and its very typical of high control groups, is that they actually have the R&F believing that shunning is for their benefit, when in reality it is an extremely unloving and unscriptural rule.

    They more control they lose, then the more they ramp up the shunning. We can see this clearly is the pattern, and even more so in recent times. They cats outta the bag though. They are losing more than they are gaining, and the stricter even more higher controlling policies are back firing on them.

    Its not working. All shunning does is PROVE they are a cult, and that they are a high control one at that. It accomplishes nothing but chasing more people away, which if you think about it, is maybe a good thing.

    I know personally, when I was first DFd, I thought it was the worst thing that could have happened. Now, 20 yrs later, I am SOO glad it happened. It released me from the clutches of these evil men. It allowed me to really ponder if this was the truth, and I was able to research with a clear conscience other information, and now I truly DO have the truth, lol.

  • blownaway

    Fear, It keeps the rank and file in line. Can you imagine what would happen if they did not? You could go your own way and have your friends and family? The cult would fall apart.

  • sparrowdown

    Group shunning is very destructive psychologically as we are all hardwired to belong to our "tribe" for the sake of survival. Shunning and ostracism in some communities even today can mean death for the one being chased off. That's why the threat of shunning is a very powerful psychological weapon that works very effectively. Science knows it. WT knows it. We know it.

    So what it has accomplished is keep people in fear and in the compound.

  • pometerre21

    Besides being exactly what everyone else said it is, I find shunning to be so...childish. This is what children do. If they do not get their way or exactly what they want, they throw a tantrum. They may give the silent treatment. I can't believe how I didn't realize before how absolutely childish and immature it is. You cannot simply handle disagreements or "wrongdoing" like an adult. You have to do this cruel, inhuman, immature, abusive equivalent to modern day stoning because that's how you want to deal with things. You have to stop talking to someone until you get them to do what you want. It's like throwing a goddamned tantrum.

    Besides, as I mentioned, they shun because they can't stone. I have a disfellowshipped family member, and the excuse I got for shunning them is that "If we were in Bible times, he would have been stoned." Cool. I'm so glad Satan's system decided to do away with this barbaric practice (for the most part). I'm so glad that we have an alternative to stoning because it's against the law to kill someone for their sin now. Great.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Shunning has the same effect as the flood, what did it accomplish. What has help me over the years (since 1987) with shunning, understanding the other side and being empathetic. I raised my kids to be good JW's and in their mind it is the most loving act, shunning.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The Overlappers act little two-year-olds. There can be a disfellowshipped person sitting in the back row of the Kingdom Hell on Sunday morning and everyone walks by without making eye contact with their noses up in the air. The next Thursday meeting it is announced that the disfellowshipped person is now reinstated.

    Everyone now applauds and after the meeting the person is hugged and kissed. Now that is the type of friends that I want in my life.

    Sour Grapes

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