Wanna take a trip to Wallkill and Bethel?

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  • blondie

    They are not in business with the WTS but they have employed ex COs and DOs as travel guides, Ruben Kobos for one. Their trips are quite pricy and I don't think there is any guarantee that all the people in your travel group will be baptized jws in "good standing." The ones on my trip got so bombed on the plane they threw up in the aisle...relatives of the owner at the time Dave Sopiwnik.

    We took a trip to Bethel some years ago with another agent...much cheaper.

  • Diogenesister
    Cockney Lad: "Yay! We're off to Clacton wiv a bucket and spade in a Charabang

    Freddo What's a charabang? Always wanted to know as its in a strangler's song...thought it must be somfink Arabic...

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    chairs a banc.

    a coach.

  • freddo

    Charabang/Charabanc - it's an old open bus typically used to take Brits to the "seaside" in the 1920's. It would be single-deck with a canvass roof.

    Comes from the French Charabanc (pronounced Sharabanc with a silent "c" at the end) which was originally a horse drawn carriage with bench seats for a few dozen people.

    As time went by and coaches (aka motorcoaches) with enclosed roof and windows came along only the poor would use the charabangs which British pronunciation of "Sharra-bang" (hard "g" at the end) also gives a nod to an old banger or old clapped out vehicle.

    Google images to see them.

    edited to say: Stan says so much more with fewer words!

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Newark airport is in New Jersey.

    No trip to Warwick to see the new world HeadQuarters?!?.

    No thanks!

  • lovesjehovah
    Please only visit Bethel if you are serious about the meaning of it. It's not that expensive to visit however. I wen't to Bethel 2 years ago. I drove from 10 hours away, that cost me about $200 round trip plus like $50. Then I stayed at a hostel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn & that was on $30 a night for 4 days. Bethel is beautiful, and free to enter. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. The information is very insightful. I will definitely visit again. Brookly is near a lot of spots as well, the MOMA is a train ride away, Dumbo is down the street, lots of things to do there for free/cheap.
  • freddo



    Amos 5 v 5

  • ResearcherNY
    lovesjehovah, we can visit Bethel for whatever reason we like. By the way, your profile picture is of L from Death Note, I show / anime full of violence, sensuality, and spiritism. Should you be reading/ watching that as a good JW?
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle
    lovesjehovah, you can't be serious!!
  • Virgochik

    Blondie, I remember Rueben Cobos from northwest Indiana in the 70's! Our district included south suburban Chicago. We used the ass-embly hall on 79th & Ashland Ave, a very bad area. Small world.

    Anyway, lucky me received a trip to Bethel when I was about 16 years old. Evidently my lukewarm attitude at the Hall indicated the trip to Mecca might spark enthusiasm in me. My aunt and uncle took me. TG they were bubbley, sociable folks who were more into eating out and shopping. Unfortunately, I was bored out of my mind with the Watchtower buildings, but the tour of the Bowery and NYC sights was interesting.

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