Is Kim Jong Un a jw?

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  • WTWizard

    That thing is not a jokehovian witless, but it is right on par with the leaders of that religion. It has a nationwide ban on smoking, yet that thing has been photographed with a cancer stick (lit) going. (Which is worse than the smoking, or just banning smoking for everyone else while you yourself uphold it by not smoking). Hypocrisy is worse.

    And no, that thing is not just against worshiping the sun. It is against anything that hints of modern life. Blue jeans are taboo in that thing's country. There are 15 approved hair styles, and men are limited to 5 centimeters (if they are going bald, it is upped to 7 cm). Music is approved or illegal. It is illegal to buy DVD players or TV sets that can receive Chinese or South Korean programs.

    This is proof enough that Christi-SCAM-ity and communism are identical. That scumbag is not a xian, but all the rules are almost identical to strict xians. If it was just against krayst, there are abundant ways to celebrate Christmas without krayst. It is about depriving the soul of anything but stagnation, while enslaving the human being.

  • fulltimestudent
    smiddy3 : I wonder what his private life is really like , you know behind closed doors ?

    We know that he has a resort residence in Wonsan. No doubt the Americans have satellite spy camera's trained on it 24/7, but I've not checked for actual piks.

    We know, that he has a luxury yacht. Here's pik of the interior. There's another pik floating around the web of him having drinks with some western celebrity. The yacht was made in the UK by a famous yacht maker.

    I bet he doesn't travel too far from shore these days, as I would expect that American spy satellites keep a close watch on that also. And far out at sea, accidents can happen. (grin).

    It is claimed (in western scholarly circles) that a special NK department exists to procure the luxury stuff that the 'dear leader' needs to stay happy, while he looks after his people (slight sarcasm)

    Its difficult to sort 'news' out. The South Koreans have a special department to 'manufacture' news about NK. That's where a lot of the weirder stories come from.

    More about KJU's yacht (from one of the better specialist NK research sources):


    Postscript: Just remembered I had posted on this before, and it was not a western celebrity on his yacht, it was some westerner involved in Korean studies.


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