The brother at the door

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  • blondie

    Right on, smiddy3

    we allow ourselves to be sidetracked where the JW wants to deflect the question and go off into a different subject and we get caught up in it thinking we have to answer every question .

    No, they have to answer the question we put to them in the first place and don`t let up until you get a satisfying answer from them .

    And keep pushing this until you do get a satisfying answer with that same question.

    Don`t be sidetracked or blindsided with them trying to deflect your questions or query.

    Comment: Rather than pushing, I have said as a jw to elders who tried to deflect from answering my question, "That's interesting, brother, we can discuss that later, but I need an answer to this question," and then restate it noting that I have already researched it and still can't find an answer. If they said they would look into it and get back to me later (another tactic jws used on people at the door), I make a note to follow up in a week (not too long though or they will say they forgot), and do that twice. Then I say, "since you seem to be so busy, I will just ask Brother MoreInvolved then. Once I even referenced going to the CO (who hated it when elders sidestepped their responsibility to answer or at least shut down the person)

    Another thing jws are taught to do on a bible study, is to tell the student that the topic will be covered later on in the book and it will be discussed then; that they have to learn the points before that to get the whole picture. I was on some other person's study when they used that tactic and even advised the person not to read ahead!

    I have even heard jws tell the person at the door something similar. Remember Jesus say to his audience that he could not answer their question because they weren't able to understand the answer. That is what the religious leaders of his time said.

  • Roddy

    I'd invite a discussion. That's better than launching salvos of accusations.

  • john.prestor

    Yeah, that's been true in my experience too. You say something they don't like and they sidetrack you, they never come back to your original point. If it's intentional, it's because they can't respond to your point and they don't want to admit it. They want to win.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    They've been taught that above all else, the GB would never lie. The organization is above reproach. I certainly believed that at one time.

    But now I know they do. If the bible teaches one thing, it is that people can and will lie even if they belong to the "true" religion. Peter lied, David covered up sinning etc. But funny how that isn't thought of at all, when looking at the present day "truthful" religion.

  • eyeuse2badub

    I would have asked him to show me in his bible where it says we should show respect for an organization. The I would have asked him to show me the word "organization" in his bible!

    just saying!

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