Where is Jehovah?

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  • sinboi

    Many years back, my younger brother and I were the most mischievous kids in the kingdom hall. We would mischievously take away things like the Bible , study magazines, etc from meeting attendees. Soon, they will suspect us if anything went missing.

    Our parents were annoyed with our conduct and behaviour.

    They requested an elder to talk to us. One day, both of us were brought to the kingdom hall .

    I, as the elder son, was brought into the elder's room while my younger brother waited outside.

    The elder, with the intention to emphasize the omni-presence of Jehovah, asked me:

    “Where is Jehovah?”

    I was shocked that he asked me this question. I stared at him blankly.

    “Where is Jehovah?” he demanded to know.

    I started to perspire and shiver.

    Finally, he banged on the table. Ask in a louder tone:

    “Where is Jehovah?”

    I was so scared that I ran out of his room, grabed my brother’s hand and ran out of the kingdom hall, telling my brother:

    “Jehovah is missing and they think we did it.”

    (This is just a joke and not a real personal experience.)

  • jonahstourguide

    It seems even to this day he is missing!! and none of us had anything to do with it


    p.s. its a ripper joke, great..

  • scratchme1010
  • millie210

    The JWs have misplaced Jehovah!

    It figures...

  • JakeM2012

    Heard that one on Joel Olsteen show.

  • Giordano

    Good set up........ good delivery. No need to tell us that it's made up. It's a funny story that provides it's own truth.

    Here's a story that carries it's own truth:

    A young pioneer is going door to door. Finally someone answers and it's an older gentleman who invites the young pioneer in. They sit down in the living room and there's a long pause finally the householder asks

    "so what is it that you wanted to share with me?"

    An even longer pause.

    Finally the young pioneer says...... "I don't know Sir...I've never gotten this far before."

  • LV101

    sinboi & Giordano -- LOL and I really needed the laughs/thanks. I really thought sinboi was real and was appreciating all he and his bro got away with!

  • smiddy3

    The householder answers the door to JW`s and he listens to their presentation

    HH: So to cut to the chase you guys would really like me to become a Witness for Jehovah right ?

    JW : A bit taken aback by the HH coming straight to the point says rather sheepishly well since you put it that way ,yes that would be great .

    HH :I`m sorry but I never saw the accident and closed the door.

  • JRK

    Maybe he is in the privy?


  • Xanthippe

    Haven't heard that one before sinboi, made me laugh, thanks.

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