The Bible and its use of excesses beggars belief ?

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  • Fadeaway1962

    Jesus veiwed Adam and Eve as the first humans on earth some 6000 year's ago , evidence that humans have lived on earth for hundreds of thousands of years is clear.

    Jesus spoke of a worldwide flood and Noah building a ark to save humans and animal life, there never was a worldwide flood some 4300 years ago , their is clear evidence to support the fact that their was no worldwide flood , Google it .

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Yes, a lot of the figures in the Bible are exaggerations, or rough estimates made decades or even centuries after the event. In all fairness though, just about all the written records of ancient history did the same thing. Herodotus, Josephus, they all never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  • Diogenesister
    Come on, 185,000 bodies lying everywhere. Who counted the bodies to put the sum total in the bible?

    Although In the Bible it does admit they gave silver as a pay off to the Assyrian king, according to Assyrian historical documents they simply left because the Jews coughed up so many chests of gold for them to do so! No mention of any angels! I imagine with the money the truth lies somewhere in the middle, though. It's certainly not unusual for warring nations to exaggerate their triumphs.

    My favourite Biblical exaggeration is Sampson's killing 1000 Philistines with - wait for it - the jawbone of a donkey😳😂

  • Vidiot

    @ Sea Breeze...

    Didn’t Jesus teach almost exclusively using parables and allegories?

  • Rocketman123

    Instead of calling it Holy Bible wouldn't be more truthful and appropriate to call it the Holy Book of Bullshit ?

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    Didn’t Jesus teach almost exclusively using parables and allegories?

    At times he did use parables ,yes. But the reader must be careful to not use a wide allegorical brush when reading scripture. Otherwise, you can make the bible say anything you want by allegorizing verses that don't fit some previously conceived notion or doctrine. WT writers were skilled at this when formulating their doctrines in the early years.

    You can tell when Jesus was using a parable by the way he would que up the story: "once there was a man..." or "the kingdom of God is LIKE a man who..."

    Allegory is an entirely different template and seeks to change the plain meaning of reading, creating riddles that need interpreting where none exist.


    4 Interpretive Guidelines for Understanding Jesus’ Parables

  • EverApostate

    This is the bloody sacrifice of Solomon, in 2 Chronicles 7

    142,000 animals slaughtered and sacrificed ? in 2 weeks. Here is the breakdown, if I am correct

    71,000 per week

    10,142 per day

    422 per hour

    7 cattle per minute.

    Wow, Mind boggling. Could this have happened? Very unlikely. If happened, for what purpose?. To please a god living in the heaven, with all comforts and glory.

    My Conclusion: The bible writers were propaganda freaks, trying to establish the glory of their non- existing god. They were Just randomly writing down Exaggerated and impractical numbers. No one in their time would have believed this, until the RC church adopted the Bible as Gods word.

  • Rocketman123

    I think the ancient Hebrew bible writers had a problem with numbers,

    I dont know why they all had degrees in Advanced Math from a credited University ???

  • Overrated

    What can you expect from people that herd sheep and goats all day and all night, you get alot of bullshit. And more and likely they smoked some wacky weed while writing the bible.

  • Phizzy

    The Great Poster "Leolaia", a few year ago, Posted quite a bit about the use of Numbers in the Bible, showing that most of the time, if they were not mere bullshit to boost their Nation's History, they were symbolic, so lots and lots of use of the number 70, or multiples thereof, 490 years for example.

    None of these numbers were accurate as to time periods, but were Literary devices, again showing that to read the Bible as literal History, or as truth, is a huge error.

    Also if you are interested search out Leo's Posts on the use of " Motifs" in the N.T, eye opening stuff, it shows again that the Stories in the N.T are just that, Fiction.

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