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  • Obrien

    I joined about 5 days ago and have some observations/questions.

    Does anyone notice the Profile Update doesn't seem to work? I like reading some of the profiles, most accounts don't have them and maybe that's because the tool doesn't function anymore?

    Also I've been noticing a diverse number of subjects which made me think of the categories of people on here. Here's my draft of categories, I'd be interested to read others thoughts.

    JWin - those who are still in the organization and come here out of curiousity or to discuss doctrine, etc.

    JWinout - those who are transitioning out of the organization but haven't made a firm decision. A lot of dissatisfaction with the org as they battle to convince themselves it's the right move.

    JWout - Have made the decision and are out of the organization but just recently, it's still raw. A lot of anger towards towards the organization.

    JWlg - Long gone (lg), some acceptance of what was can't be changed, less anger but maybe some sadness and introspection.

    JWno - never was a JW but maybe a spouse or friend who was curious about the mindset

    Then there are subcategories, the JWwt (Wild Thing), somewhere between JWout and JWlg where you want to taste all the things you missed and go "wild" checking off all the boxes... lol.

  • MeanMrMustard

    What category do you fit into?

    I notice you had no category for exJW condiments, like mustard, much less mean mustard...

  • Obrien

    Mr Mean Mustard, I'm a JWlg, long gone. Conscripted by my dad at age 8, 32 years in, 30 years out. How about you?

  • MeanMrMustard

    I'm in the JWlgwm camp.

  • Elena

    I’m JWinout. But those new descriptions are not as good as the long time PIMI PIMO POMO PIMQ PIMA.

    I’m the later, physically In mentally agnostic

  • Diogenesister

    JWlg here, checking in ;)

    NB mustard is my favourite condiment. Particularly the Dijon kind.

  • Ron.W.


    Things change.

    Years ago, when I was still in I was too frit to browse this site.

    Then I browsed and felt guilty.

    Next I browsed when I was on the way out. After completely fading I joined and started posting.



  • jhine

    Welcome OBrien , l am a JWno . A life long Anglican ( Church of England) l joined after doorstep conversations with JWs wherein l had doubts about their Bible knowledge and the WT teachings . So l decided to learn more in order to be able to have better discussions with them .I've learnt a lot more than l bargained for .

    Elena l feel left out of those categories, there doesn't seem to be one for me 🙁.

    Jan from Tam

  • Elena

    Elena l feel left out of those categories, there doesn't seem to be one for me 🙁.

    Most people on the planet are POMO, you don’t have to have even been in to be physically out mentally out.

  • enoughisenough

    how about gtbot-glad to be outa there! lol

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