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    Uhhhh..... I said, "doctrinal revisions......Old Testament.." Then you mention the NT and Jesus as an indication that I am operating under some misunderstanding DD

    I came to the discussion to understand, what definitive “proof” JWleaks had on knowing how he came to the specific conclusion the JW’s “DOESN'T” receive “GODS” Holy Spirit. I simply asked to show this monumental revelation, that’s all.

    However, as yourself. It appears, this community lacks self-control, when someone asks a question. A question that has not been answered, but has been meet with various opinions and rhetoric. That’s’ unfortunate, since I keep explaining my intent of not wishing to argue, but; it falls on deaf ears.

    DD. I never intended to debate your understanding of scripture. We all have our own fundamental beliefs. Your statement did pique my interest from the erred understanding you have about the OT, when I mentioned the Israelites and all the revisions (Adjustments) they had to go through. As you stated, your view is doctoral. Keep in mind that, the laws that governed Gods people was directed to the “Prophets” so in turn would be translated to the Kings. So any knew light would be given to the king of the land, verbally. You obscure you knowledge from direct commands to textbook. That is a flawed view. Also, when I mentioned Jesus, of course that would mean the NT, and my point was, the biggest revision that Jesus made was to change the “Mosaic Law”. OT. However, since my question will not be answered, you guys have a good day. You can make any comments to justify your understandings. Remember we all have the right to give opinions. Or at least, I’d like to think so.

    DD> when you have a chance, read: Voices of Twelve Hebrew Prophets. Just in case you think I’m trying to distort bible truth, to sway the way of the WTS. This of course is not a WTS “publication”. I didn’t intend to preach or mark time. With me, that’s never the case, just knowledge.



    Prophets. Whereas their messages were for the age in which they were delivered, they all breathed the spirit of eternal things. In the series of sermons now beginning we shall

    Attempt to show how the messages delivered by these men in the long ago, have a direct bearing upon life at all times, and so necessarily upon our own times. The period of the history of Israel which was specifically and especially that of the prophet lasted for about

    Five hundred years, from the beginning of the ninth to the beginning of the fourth centuries

    B.C. After that there was no prophetic voice until that of John the

    Baptist. The prophetic gift, of course, had occurred occasionally long before the period referred to. Peter in the message of the Lesson, said, “All the prophets”

    From Samuel, thus going back far from the period to which we are now referring. During this period, however, these prophets were in the Divine economy, the authoritative voices, dictating

    Terms to kings, upbraiding the failing people, and indicating what their true line of policy and of activity should be. These Hebrew prophets ever kept before the people the supreme fact that the Hebrew nation was a Theocracy, and that it was a nation created to live among the other nations, a revelation of what it means to have God as actual Ring. The nation was purely and simply a

    Theocracy under Moses, and through the period of the Judges. Then there came the hour of the fall of the nation from Theocracy to monarchy. The “word” “revision” “new light” then, honestly applies. When understanding scripture.


    No one can have "proof" of Holy Spirit, or prove someone doesn't have it. As humans we are restricted to seeing the fruitage of the aforementioned spirit. So, I can't say that some JWs don't have God's spirit acting upon them, just like I can't rule out members of other religions.

    Revisionist history, lying to the Superior Authorities put in place by your God, persecuting sheep for daring to question the ideas of men, who by their own admission ( Geoffrey Jackon's sworn testimony, wherein he states that claiming to be the sole channel of God is arrogant.) shelve ideas for later use, that is hardly evidence of any type of spirit from God.

    Jesus said that his disciples would be recognized by their love, how loving are any of the actions listed above?


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    Jesus said that his disciples would be recognized by their love, how loving are any of the actions listed above? DD

    Wouldn’t that also, disqualify you as a self-absorbed idealist? However, thank you for finally answering my question with “honesty”. When commenters resort to fact finding, without the proper foundation of knowledge? (Understanding), then undoubtedly, it loses credibility. Something that JWleaks, JWfacts, etc., have relied on to deceive the public for a decade or so. That in itself is flawed. We can continue to discuss one in others opinions to no fruitful end, as it would be a, futile gesture; when we can’t reach common ground on the concept of having to alter, rethink, and misrepresent actual “facts”.

    (Geoffrey Jackson’s sworn testimony, wherein he states that claiming to be the sole channel of God is arrogant.) DD

    Even with a trifle view, on misrepresentation. It definitely is, a sharp contrast to your own very words and understanding, Jackson’s claimed to be, don’t you think? Just another example of the foreseen.

    Royal Commission Case 29:

    42 RC-Stewart: Q. Do you, as members of the Governing Body, regard 43 yourselves as being appointed by Jehovah God or under the 44 capacity or authority of Jehovah God?

    45 GB-Jackson: A. what we view ourselves, as fellow workers with our 46 brothers and sisters we have been given a responsibility 47 to guard or to be guardians of doctrine. So just the same 1 with elders, they are referred to as being appointed by 2 holy spirit, as you probably are aware, we believe that 3 means that when an elder is in harmony with what the Bible 4 says is required of an elder, then he is appointed by the 5 holy spirit. So the same is true with the Governing Body.

    7 RC-Stewart: Q. So where it is said that the faithful and discreet 8 slave is made up of a small group of anointed brothers, are 9 we to understand the belief behind that being that you are 10 anointed by the holy spirit?

    11 GB-Jackson: A. that is correct. But if I could just enlarge on that, 12 there are many anointed Jehovah's Witnesses who do not 13 serve on the Governing Body.

    15 RC-Stewart: Q. and that would include all the elders around the 16 world; would that be right?

    17 GB-Jackson: A. No, that is not correct. The anointing process that 18 we are referring to is referred to in the book of Romans, 19 chapter 8, where it speaks of a heavenly calling. So the

    20 majority of Jehovah's Witnesses hope to live in a paradise 21 earth, whereas those who have been selected by means of 22 holy spirit have a hope to live in heaven to go to heaven 23 when they die, in other words.

    25 RC-Stewart: Q. Mr. Jackson, is that the 144,000 that is referred to?

    26 GB-Jackson: A. Ultimately, in the book of Revelation, chapter 14, it 27 refers to the total number being 144,000.

    29 RC-Stewart: Q. Does the Governing Body, or do the members of the 30 Governing Body do you see yourselves as modernday 31 disciples, the modernday equivalent of Jesus's disciples?

    32 GB-Jackson: A. We certainly hope to follow Jesus and be his 33 disciples.

    35 RC-Stewart: Q. and do you see yourselves as Jehovah God's 36 spokespeople on earth?

    37 GB-Jackson: A. That I think would seem to be quite presumptuous to 38 say that we are the only spokesperson that God is using. 39 The scriptures clearly show that someone can act in harmony 40 with God's spirit in giving comfort and help in the 41 congregations, but if I could just clarify a little, going 42 back to Matthew 24, clearly, Jesus said that in the last 43 days and Jehovah's Witnesses believe these are the last 44 days there would be a slave, a group of persons who would 45 have responsibility to care for the spiritual food. So in 46 that respect, we view ourselves as trying to fulfil that47 role.

    14/08/2015 (155)

    Quote from book of Joseph Farinaccio: Can All Views Be True?

    Is it possible for Christians to claim that their belief system is true? Is the very claim itself an example of

    Religious intolerance? Most public discussion of religion in contemporary culture is overshadowed by the notion that anyone may hold religious views as long as they do not say others are inferior. All belief systems make truth-claims. Truth-claims by their very nature imply that contrary assertions are false.

    It is impossible for two genuinely opposite truth-claims to be simultaneously true. Although the law of contradiction may not be popular when applied to religious beliefs, it is still undeniable “that two

    Antithetical propositions cannot both be true at the same time and in the same sense. X cannot be

    Non-X. A thing cannot be and not be simultaneously. And nothing that is true can be self-contradictory or inconsistent with any other truth. All logic depends on this simple principle. Rational thought and meaningful discourse demand it.”

    Thank you again, for allowing me to participate on this discussion. You can sum up and continue without further interruptions.
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    Religion is an endless debate over differences in the interpretation of myth.
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    Half banana
    ...Because only in myth and not by logic, can the contradictions of religious belief be reconciled.
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