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  • Teddnzo

    Asking questions is encouraged by many articles and videos. Even in the Jade and Nita series.

    We keep getting watchtowers about proving it to yourself. It’s good to ask questions how do we know evolution theory is not true? If there is a creator then why doesn’t he do something about all the suffering?

    These are the big questions that JWs think they can answer from the Bible.

    Asking questions does not make you apostate. It’s the coming up with answers that will decided that.

    If someone Was a JW and then decided that there is no God and he believes evolution that does not make him an apostate. If he says it’s up to you what you believe I am an atheist but you are free to believe in God and the Bible.

    If he tries to speak against the Bible and tries to convince a believer that there is no God and the Bible is lies then that is an apostate

  • Teddnzo

    My wife and I often disagree with the governing body on certain matters and will not follow all direction without thinking it through ourselves.

    We both didn’t agree with the covid direction and the last few meetings before they stopped we did not go to because we thought people should have been wearing masks. They were far too late insisting on masks. All they announced at that last meeting was for older ones to stay home they still wanted everyone to keep going to the hall at that stage and no mention of wearing masks. Bad direction and we strongly disagreed.

    Then the next meeting was in people’s homes we didn’t agree with that direction either and didn’t go. People were not wearing masks in these homes and were sitting in small front rooms packed together even worse than at the KH.

    This was right at the start when covid was really bad and infectious and we thought the direction was wrong. It was far too late going over to zoom.

    We both also disagreed with the direction to take the vaccination as did most of my family who are all JWs. I think some took the first one then regretted it and didn’t take any more. So we all went against that direction.

    It’s ridiculous how the GB keep using the pandemic as an example of how following direction is for our benefit. The direction was all wrong, they were too late going over to zoom and that last few weeks of meetings did a lot of damage. Many other organisations starting proper social distancing way earlier.

    Then they were wrong to force the fully vaccinated direction on everyone, and they try to take credit for giving such good direction which protected everyone.

    What people should remember is they were too late with the masks and social distancing and then they should have remained neutral on vaccines. The direction was wrong.

    We will think very carefully before following any direction from the faithful and discreet slave from now on.

  • Foolednomore

    If you can get away with asking questions and not being marked as an Apostate as I was. And mind you, I didn't speak out against the Org, I was asking questions about doctrine which led to more questions. There was even a marking talk directed toward me without even saying my name and my family was shunned. More power to you. Be careful! Every move you make is being watched by the gestpo elders.

  • ThomasCovenant

    Hi Teddnzo,

    You should take a look at some of the postings on this forum by ExBetheliteNowPIMA, formerly known as InDoubtBigTime. You may find them interesting.

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