one day convention

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  • greenhornet

    I was raised in the "truth" during this time in history with my parents. Looking now on these pictures I can see the cult . My parents just loved it!

  • Darkknight757

    Those ass emblies are so draining on the soul. The people there would be so happy to be "taught by Jehovah" but rush out of there like a madden herd of bulls after the final prayer, only to be in silence all the way home. What a crappy way to spend the weekend. Endless recounting of the same nonsense over and over and OVER again, each ass embly being the same as the last just spun differently to match their crappy theme.

    Sorry for your wife zeb. That sucks that she feels the need to subject her brain to that mental jump roping. Hopefully she got a little nap during the shortened Watchtower.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Zeb, I have been where your wife is. I understand why she declined your offer to a dinner out. After a day of being beaten down, being told that nothing she has said or done is good enough, being told when to stand up and when to sit down and being told all her unbelieving family will die; she is in so much pain. Please consider surprising her with a simple, light dinner in the quiet of your home, perhaps a plate of cheese and fruit and a glass of wine, if she likes that. Your wife needs to decompress. You can help with that, and it may very well help your marriage.

    Big hug,


  • SAHS

    Alostpuppydog: These one day convention make as much sense as pouring coffee in my ear.


  • RubaDub

    Alostpuppydog: “These one day convention make as much sense as pouring coffee in my ear.”


    SAHS ...

    My first thought was a balsamic vinegar enema.

    Rub a Dub

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