Disaster Preparedness Training - WTF is that?

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Still what I heard was people to help in disasters. Things like the fires ,,earthquakes, floods. Think regional build or whatever they call it now

    Despite the fun made of go bags the government is pushing the same preparedness for the general population

  • Atlantis

    Disaster Preparedness Plan Manual

    2019-4-15 Disaster Preparedness Letter

    Above letter describes the A-19 and DC-50 Forms.


    See grey box area to "check" for Disaster Relief

  • nowwhat?

    Disaster occurs

    Step 1: send us your money!

    Thank you for attending this special disaster preparedness seminar!

  • tiki

    Given the mentality of too many JW's practical safety advice is warranted....but these documents and instructions reinforce their isolationistic cult nature.

    I see value in education regarding steps to take to ensure safety.

    If you live in a flood prone area or the hurricane path or tsunami likely area the public authorities will issue appropriate instructions....if you are so far off the beaten path that a natural disaster encompasses you all of a sudden...that requires personal education in preparedness.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    That 36 page thing probably just filled my phone memory. It looks copied partly from a government document because it mentions knowing how to contact red cross

    They do define adolescent as up to age 18! And limit news from TV natch.

    Last big storm ( mentioned in list) here we neighbors cleared the trees and helped each other. The congregation never showed up, except for the guy who lives 2 streets over with his own damage. That was mostly to gossip, but it was not such a storm that homes were uninhabitable either. Half the elders are less able than I to handle a lot of things, but they can wave their arms

  • Atlantis

    2006-07-06 Disaster Preparedness Letter

    Disaster Preparedness Information Form.

  • Atlantis

    Ministry of Relief.

  • FedUpJW

    Mostly how to "help" only other HW's in the event of a natural disaster. From what I heard anyone else gets a Jay Double U dot org website card. Of course the Dubs have to dress for the "training" seminar as if they were going to field serve-us or a meeting. I am sure suits, ties, calf length dresses are conducive to working in destroyed homes etc. Silly goobers!

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    My guess: this fits exactly in Watchtower's MO (as everything they do).

    1. It reinforces the persecution and Armageddon complex.
    2. It gives Watchtower a documented way to show the government they really are a charity because they give non religious disaster preparedness courses.
    3. As per point 2: I wouldn't even be surprised if Watchtower gets some kind of government grant or subsidy for their Disaster preparedness school....
    4. It gives Watchtower yet another way to impress the JW with their disaster relief works. That way JW will give more money for that goal, and Watchtower gets to earn even more from their profitable insurance scam.
  • Atlantis

    2017-11-20-Letter-Disaster Relief

    However, it would be appreciated if such donations are made without restrictions as to where and how the funds may be used.”

    I mean, after all, we have a crap load of child abuse cases to pay for!

    Now elders, be good little boys and lets try and get reimbursed from the disaster victims with their insurance checks.

    Disaster Relief Guidelines Manual Spanish


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