Disaster Preparedness Training - WTF is that?

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  • wannabefree

    I'm making plans for next weekend and my wife says she's not available Saturday.

    "Is there an assembly?" I asked.

    No, Disaster Preparedness Course (or something like that) at the Kingdom Hall.

    Is this new? Is it something actually practical or to build on JW persecution and end of times urgency?

  • scruffmcbuff

    I touched on this a while bag in reference to the "go bags"

    This training day is news to me tho. I hope the content is usefull but i doubt it.its probably more about persecution. I imagine russia is mentioned within the first 15 seconds.

  • Simon

    What better way to re-enforce the belief of impending doom than to have people practicing drills and packing emergency bags.

    Not that having such things is a bad idea (depending on where you live). But they are doing it to push the "persecution" idea, not for anything practical.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I think it has to do with being in a position to do cleanup. Reconstruction, that sort of thing. I didn't go and haven't heard any details yet

    I am not in a position to help any organization, let alone being in good enough standing

  • just fine
    just fine
    My parents just had this meeting too.
  • mikeflood

    Details please

  • zeb

    what possibly could this be from a wt perspective.?? hide literature??, send us your $$, have 'secret' meetings??

    Yes details please.What country was this please?

    I tried to get my uber wife interested in having a very modest store of canned food and other bits and pieces but because the idea didnt come from the kh there was no co-operation.

    My idea was to have some stuff on hand if there was a disaster of some sort that cut off food supplies temporarily.

    Her telling comment was obtuse "whos to say we will be here (home) when it (it..?) happens.

  • ShirleyW

    Wait a minute, are they trying to outrun Armageddon? What other disaster do Dubs always talking about besides the Big A ?? What the hell is going on in that twisted organization now, is that what they're preparing for?

  • asp59

    What are they teaching in this Disaster Preparedness Course ? How to hide from a molester in KH if you are young and see one? How to maneuver away from a phedophil that wants to hug you if you are a kid in the KH? I mean they are not gonna change 2 wittnes Rule, so they have to prepare young ones in KH instead.

  • nonjwspouse

    It figures that they are puching for those "go bags" again.

    I think this has been brought up occasionally for years. Am I correct?

    But a class is definity meant to instill fear. In no way will this be a class about how to keep preperations, have a generator, for a week in case of a natural disaster, power outage etc.

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