The new service meeting

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  • TheListener
    I would love for my wife to wake up due to all the changes. But I don't think it will happen.
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Slimboy I'm with you. I was waiting for the marching band to come through the living room with a banner saying, "I'm never donating again, how about you?" OP reads like something Goebbels would write, a little bit too much to be 100% accurate. Oh well, we can dream.
  • 2+2=5
    It's not often someone speaks this much shit without offering a free home Bible study.
  • LongHairGal

    John Aquila:

    I think you have a credibility problem here in some people's eyes. Too bad you can't prove anything you are telling us!

    Well, it sure sounds good!!

  • Ignoranceisbliss


    just curious when your next party with the 100 or so local still in apostates is?


  • slimboyfat

    Now something to keep in mind is that all these sisters do not use the internet or have IPads. They have no input from any apostate material in any form. Yet they can see that something is not right with the organization.

    It was similar with the last fictitious crowd you related.

    They don’t support any of the financial projects that beg for more money. They still read the WT magazine but pick and choose articles they read. They download the magazines instead of ordering them through the congregation because they only attend the Sunday meetings once every couple of months just to see what is going on.
    They don’t read apostate stuff.

    It seems to be a very important aspect of your plots that the characters are not influenced in any way by "apostate material" and they arrive at their opinions entirely independenty. This may be because their opinions are so strikingly similar to those expressed on this forum that some sort of distance must be established.

    Personally, stylistically I find your narration too intrusive. (Might be good to read about "intrusive narration", "omniscient narration", and "third person objective narration") Because whenever you make such statements, such as that your characters don't read any apostate material, I tend to think to myself: how the hell would you know what they read or don't read? I never knew what anyone else in the KH read or didn't read apostate wise, it was one of the great mysteries. And if they told me they didn't read any apostate stuff I still wouldn't know whether to believe them. You write with the certainty of an author who has created these characters, not with the uncertainty of a participant alongside other real persons.

    Basically, the part you adopt in these scenarios supposes a third person objective viewpoint, yet you write as an omniscient narrator.

    Which is the giveaway. Or one of them.

  • LaFrancia
    Pop music
  • bohm

    Like superman, always on the spot---

  • James Jack
    James Jack
    9 hours ago
    Fisherman: It is a longer meeting...
    It is the same length. Our meeting went off without a hitch. Then again, our Elders are they exception, there are very engaging and pretty intelligent. We went 5 minutes over because they played the last twice(because it was a new song).
    However, the other English Congregation went 20 minutes over, pissing many off!
  • tornapart
    I told my elder hubby your story this morning John Aquila and he wasn't surprised at all. He said he knows what a lot of the brothers and sisters are saying and many are disturbed by all the changes especially the older ones. He even told me that all the things I'm bothered about, many others are bothered by too (except I've gone one step further by leaving). He thinks there will be a lot more asking questions sooner or later.

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