I need advise. I' exJW in Japan.

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  • yoko N
    yoko N

    I need advise

    I need advise about lingo of JW community.

    A publisher is required to report time spent in preaching, and field service.

    In Japan. we say something like

    “ Put time in report card’

    How do you say in English language?

  • oppostate

    "Put time in report card" is something I can understand perfectly but "report card" is used for public school grades.

    I might say something like "We need to turn our time in" or "It's time to turn in our time slips".

  • Giordano

    I've been out too long but we used to say 'turn in your time' (on field service slips). Or when I was a Pioneer we'd say 'I've made my time' for that month which was 100 hours.

    For those who like to take breaks one would say 'I got my time started' by doing something like leaving a tract someplace or knocking on a door and then continued to count their time while taking a coffee/tea break.

    The reason time is counted has it's history back in Rutherford's day when he sold encyclopedias to put himself through college. As President of the WTBTS he wanted to keep track of the preaching and sale of the Societies publications.

    Here's a site that explains 'field service' in a funny way:


  • Dreamerdude

    I need to fill out my field service report for February and turn it in to an elder so the elder body and Circuit Overseer can accurately measure my level of faith and spirituality.

  • notalone

    " turn in my time'

  • berrygerry

    Announcement at meeting at the end of the month:

    `Please remember to turn in your Field Service Report.``

  • John Free
    John Free

    Hajimimashite Yokosan.

    Do you mean 'hand in my field service report'?

    Moshi yokattara onamae to Anatano kotonitsuite ohanashi kudasai.

    Yes please tell us about yourself if you feel comfortable doing so, would be interesting to hear your story.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Please feel free to say more. Why do you want to know more about the language and lingo?

    People here will help.

  • zeb

    As a side note to your enquiry. There was a court case in Australia (Sorry I don't have the details) but the wt lawyers during one part of the proceedings stated that;

    • the watchtower does not have 'members'.
    • no one is required by elders, servants or the society to log their hours spent in the field service.

    the lawyers went on to say that witnesses do what they do "as part of their own personal mission."

    When both of these things were stated they drew an amazed "HUH ?" from the witnesses in the public gallery.

  • tor1500


    This is how it really goes...We would like to give a quick reminder for those who didn't turn in their time for the MONTH of DECEMBER 2016, (now mind you, we are in Feb. 2017").

    You know why because in December they didn't hand in their time or report time since Oct. 2016. Some are too shamed to report their hours or time whichever so, they are the ones who always hand them in late...some how they think they missed a minute in Oct., so they are recalculating...phooey...they don't have no time to report that's why it's late...

    Hope we hear more from you Yoko. They have x JW's in Japan....and is Japan under preaching ban, and is it as bad as the witnesses say?

    Welcome....we are friendly folks here....some are x's and some are faders and some are on the fence, but what most here have in common...is the Truth about the Truth. I was going to greet you in Japanese but I didn't want to assume that you were just because of the title of your topic. So, I'll say Welcome Again.


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