Confession Time - Music You're Embarrassed to Admit Listening To

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  • Simon

    Admit it, we all have things that we reel off when people ask what our favourite music is, just the same as if people ask what our favourite movies are. We're meant to say "Citizen Kane" and "Casablanca" and not "Battleship" or "Pacific Rim" but we know what we're going to watch if they are ever on TV at the same time (and which ones we've never actually seen).

    So how about some confession time? What do you listen to when no one else is in the house?

    Here's some of mine ...

    ABBA. Oh god, I said it! My parents / siblings used to play ABBA records and I hated it, but I secretly really love The Visitors album. Some of the tracks have an eerie quality about them.

    What else? Well, who can resist the mellow easy-listening magic that is Neil Sedaka. I think we had a record of his when I was little and I played it a lot. He has an amazing voice still - fun fact: he re-recorded most of his old songs for copyright / licensing issues so the "old" songs you hear him singing often aren't really that old. I love this re-imagined lounge-version of one of his hits:

    Back to easy listening, you can't beat The Sound of Bread. I put them in the same box as Dr Hook who are also great and did a surprising number of brilliant songs.

    Next is Judy Garland, even though I'm not "the only gay in the village" (what is that even all about?). What a voice, what a tragedy. There's something haunting about this live recording at Carnegie Hall - her voice isn't perfect and croaks a bit at first but hell, the emotion when she hits those notes at the end. Spine tingling.

    Another tragic story was Karen Carpenter but what a great voice she had. I only learnt recently that she was really a drummer before she was a singer. So sad what fame did to some people.

  • Pete Zahut
  • peacefulpete

    Can't imagine why anyone would be embarrassed about any of the music mentioned so far. All great classics. I was going to get some tickets to an ABBA tribute band for my wife's birthday but it was sold out. I guess there are a lot of "secret" ABBA fans.

    I had a heavy Enigma period, still love the early stuff especially. Tom Waits, I have everything he's done. Not all great but always entertaining. Nick Drake's last and greatest work "Pink Moon" always puts me in a deep contemplation about the meaning of life. It' my choice to go to sleep to when I need to recenter.

  • Simon

    Ha, I didn't include Barry Manilow but y'know, I think he did some great tunes!

    I posted a ref to Bob Dylans Rolling Thunder Revue on another thread, there's a great Joni Mitchell track on that of her rehearsing Coyote at Gordon Lightfoot's house with Bob Dylan and Roger McGuinn playing backing:

  • Simon
    I was going to get some tickets to an ABBA tribute band for my wife's birthday but it was sold out. I guess there are a lot of "secret" ABBA fans.

    I saw an ABBA tribute act in a pub many, many, many years ago and they were absolutely awesome. The two girls singing had all the actions down pat and sounded great.

    Yeah, this is not terrible music, it's great, but it's often scoffed at and labelled "easy listening" as though it's some kind of insult.

    For a lot of people they have probably seen the classic album covers but may never have bothered listening to them and they are seriously missing out.

  • peacefulpete

    David Gates (Bread) was probably one of the greatest singer songwriters of our time. I just requested and danced with my wife to "If" at a friends wedding last weekend. Yes it's terribly melodramatic. Joni's "Both Sides Now" melts my heart every time as well.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    This is funny - the other day i couldn't get that song from The Goodbye Girl out of my head, and was trying to find out who sang it - David Gates! I hadn't thought of that movie and song in years, and here it pops up.

    The music I love when nobody else is around, is barbershop harmony. Also Glen Campbell albums and soundtracks from musicals.

    My family and I do have a lot of music in common like jazz, but the mostly the Beatles. My granddaughter says, if somebody doesn't like the Beatles they can't come into my house!

  • peacefulpete
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Yep, Rick James baby!

    Sexy Sexy Sexy

  • LongHairGal


    I wouldn’t be embarrassed to say I listened to anything you mentioned in any of the posts here..They’re all fine. You can’t help what your brain likes..Are people only supposed to say they listen to classical? (Which I don’t care for by the way.)

    I love ABBA and ‘70s music. I also like ‘60s and some ‘80s. I like Neil Sedaka even though I thought it was a woman the first time I heard one of his songs. Karen Carpenter had a wonderful voice and it’s a loss to the world. Her Christmas songs are also wonderful.

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