Apostasy Movie - Available on Amazon Prime Video (plus Review)

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  • Simon

    I probably wouldn't have called it anything else - it's a punchy word for a title that means something to the wider audience even if technically, it wasn't apostacy as we understand it.

    Overall, it's a fantastic movie for catching the feeling of being a JW and people's mindset as they make decisions that impact their own lives and others.

    It's actually a good, powerful, gripping and moving movie in it's own right and worth a watch regardless of the JW subject matter.

  • wannabefree

    I finished watching this today. (My wife stayed home from the meeting Sunday so out of respect for her feelings I had to put it on hold.). Wow! Very well done. Very emotional. I thought the title fit. It certainly means so much more to those associated with JW's. Realistically a believing JW could watch but most wouldn't as it presents a fair story from both sides. I think if my wife watched it she would agree with the JW viewpoint.

  • steve2

    I think the movie title WAS apt because the older daughter not only broke the rules about sex outside of marriage but in a couple of scenes with her mother, questioned the organization's policies and teachings including the unsatisfactory explanations about 1975 and how it didn't add up. Also, towards the end of the movie, the daughter simply stopped trying to be reinstated and going to the weekly meetings, telling her mother she wasn't going to keep trying anymore to be reinstated. She had become more overtly defiant - even by "proper" British standards. And the feedback from one of the elders to the mother about her daughter was this classic line: "Her problem is she's too independent thinking".

    In the end, it wasn't sex outside of marriage that sealed her fate, but her "bad attitude". By JW organizations standards, that constituted apostasy.

  • Dagney

    Thanks for posting this Simon - I didn't know it was available on Amazon.

    I finally watched it last night. Sigh. You feel for everybody. The mother is trying to do the right thing "she thinks" as a single parent, and keeping them isolated. The kids, well, both scarred from the JW smothering upbringing.

    Just recently, locally here there was a tragedy with a young JW. Just awful. I was invited by the mother to attend the HUGE memorial, Bethel speaker flew out...yeah. I keep wondering if they have any thoughts "outside the JW box." Where was jah, angels...is there any cognitive dissonance...hello...anybody there....

    Anyway, well done movie.

    PS. The movie with Emma Thompson called "The Children's Act" regarding the blood issue is also free on Amazon.

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