Apostasy Movie - Available on Amazon Prime Video (plus Review)

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  • Simon

    In case anyone is looking for a way to watch it, it's on Amazon Prime Video.

    (apologies if it's already been mentioned)

  • greenhornet

    Thanks, Just watched it, I just hope this piss off more of the public about JWs.

    The movie has a lot of JW buzz words in it.

  • freddo

    It is an excellent and extremely accurate film portraying life as a jw in northwest England.

  • Simon

    We watched it last night. It is a really well done movie and they have captured the atmosphere, language and behavior perfectly. I've seen a few criticisms that some of it wasn't real but it was really spot on for the North West of England where I grew up.

    The isolation, the awkward behavior, the unthinking bowing to the arbitrary rules without questioning however cruel they were. It was all just as it was in JW-land.

    The plot itself threw me as I though it was going in a different direction than it did. I don't want to give any spoilers but it starts with a young girl as the subject / sometimes narrator of her own thoughts. She has a sister that's gotten pregnant and left "the truth" and a mother that is following the 'shunning' line but seems conflicted and trying to make sense of it all but handing all authority over her families life to the elders. A new young elder joins the cong and shows an interest in the daughter. All cringingly portrayed just like reality so often is.

    I really thought the 'apostasy' bit was going to be her, but, well ... watch it.

    Actually, my one criticism of the movie is that there really isn't a whole lot of apostasy in it at all. There is a tiny mention but it's not what I'd describe the movie as really being about apostasy as such but that's maybe just my too-specific terminology kicking in - a broader interpretation would match.

    Anyway, it's well worth a watch. It brought back a lot of memories - the language, the behavior and routines and the utter blind devotion to insane rules that so many people follow (my own family included) and the 'know everything' elder types who seem to actually believe the BS coming out of their mouths. All of it served with a thick sauce of inhuman and uncaring cruelty masquerading as 'love'.

    It reminded me how right we were to leave and never go back.

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