What are they trying to hide

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  • Finkelstein

    Answer = public image protection and possible law suits.

    JWs endeavor to appeal to a higher level of righteousness by virtue their acclamation of closer adherence to the bible.

    The adherence to have two witnesses to certain sins before penalizing people was utilized to protect the image of their organization and there is solid evidence that the leaders via elders admonished members to approach secular authorities to problem situations. .......until now.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I don't think that child molestation was the kind of love Jesus meant by "Love among themselves" as the identifying mark of true Christians.

  • zeb

    Shakespeare said in one of his characters;

    "Me thinks this man does protesteth too much.."

    and i have oft wondered at the wt passion for hiding records. I recall at a convention a speaker opening up with a hammering on masturbation. I said quietly to the sister along side me, "I think he has a problem." to which she answered succinctly. "I reckon."

  • smiddy3

    Pat Garza : I'm Pat Garza , and I'm here to say that I was raped by Theodore Jaracz when I was a little girl, in the city of Los Angeles , he was the District Overseer at the time. There are two boys; their initials are "M.D." and "M.W.", if they could be found they could confirm my allegations- if I could find them they�re older than me, they were there, there were witnesses! We were terrified and silenced! We were not allowed to talk. My life was threatened and my brothers were threatened, they were going to be killed if I spoke.

    That was a serious allegation made about 16 years ago and being brought up now should have some serious questions asked about the allegations ?

    Did her parents know about this accusation? And did they do anything about it ?

    Was it reported to the police or child protection Authorities ?

    Have either of the two she mentioned as witnesses to this sexual abuse have ever come forward to substantiate her claims ?

    For a case to go anywhere in a court of law evidence must be presented and /or witnesses must be presented to validate the allegations made, without either ,their is no case to answer .

    I`m not disbelieving her claim but in all fairness their has to be more than just an allegation against somebody to prosecute or condemn them.

  • zeb


    Valid statements.

    PG go to the Police. There may be a statute of limitations on this case or there might not.

  • smiddy3

    With the public notoriety of JWs being pedophile protectors/deniers they have made themselves worse than the Catholic Church. At least the Catholic Church no longer denies they have a problem. This increases the size of the embarrassing stain on the proverbial shirt of JWs.

    And when you compare the numbers who are Catholics over 1 Billion members with Jehovah`s Witnesses a mere less than 9 Million members the Jehovah`s Witnesses come off as far worse than the Catholic Church with the problem World wide.

  • OnTheWayOut

    As already said, it is probably as simple as them lambasting the Catholic Church for this very problem, using it as proof that that organization is "from Satan." Then they realize their own problem stemming from their 2-witness rule has caused the situation to be just as bad (worse percentage-wise).

    We already know there has been some high level problems with this. But I doubt any current new pedophiles cover-ups would go too high.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Smiddy3 that statement made by Pat leads me to believe it is true. Most of what was said happen to me also when being bully into keeping quiet. It seems killing the victim is a ploy sexual abusers use on small children not all but many. What a eye opener. Still Totally ADD

  • freddo

    Is it my imagination or did I read on one of the "exjw forums" that Pat Garza died several years ago? Maybe even before Jaracz died?

    Would Barbara Anderson know?

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Very true, Still Totally ADD, I have a non-JW friend who was abused her whole childhood, by many people. She also was threatened with 'death' if she spoke to anyone.

    Only now, in her very late 30's, has she been able to face these demons, and speak about them.

    I also wonder why the Catholics, JWs, Boy Scouts, etcetera's do not destroy records. Yes, it's 'illegal' to destroy records .... but so is child abuse. Do they know someone has kept a copy? otherwise what would make such morally depraved people from acting immoral?

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