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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Ok. We are all aware of the scandal around the non reporting of child abuse cases to the authorities by the elders and how it was part of watchtower policy.

    This has probably been discussed before, which I apologize for now if it has.

    The obvious view that most of us make as to why the gb are so reluctant to comply with the authorities by revealing their database around child abuse allegations, is that the leadership at watchtower hq likely were trying to safeguard the reputation of the organisation.

    However, (just a theory) are they hiding something more sinister which could in effect devastate the organisation ie could it be they are hiding some things within the GB itself, whether it be some individuals within the GB of the past or even present who might have had some serious allegations made against them which the authorities are never going to know about? I mean why the hell are they going to such lengths to hide everything???

    Any thoughts?

  • Ding

    Might it be as simple as the fact that they try to portray themselves as Jehovah's clean organization?

    One of the ways they say people can identify the WTS as God's one true Christian organization is, "It maintains a high level of moral cleanness among its members, because Jehovah himself is holy." (Reasoning book, pp. 283-284)

    Granted, identifying and DFing pedophiles and other child abusers would be one way of doing that, but people (including JWs themselves) would start asking why the problem is so widespread within Jehovah's happy organization in the first place. That would "bring reproach on Jehovah's name."

    Hardly a testimony to the "dedicated servants of Jehovah" image the organization portrays.

  • Darth FayDehr
    Darth FayDehr

    Are you suggesting accusations like the following could be corroborated? If so, this would I deed be dynamite!


  • _Morpheus

    Nooo!! Wow nobody has ever though of that... thats ... profound on an unprecedented level. My mind is blown. /endsarcasium

    sigh... lets logic this up, shall we? Your saying the gb is covering up evidence that one of them is a pedo.... ok. But your saying that if forced they wouldnt just erase the evidance of the pedo gb member that they are currently suppressing. They can suppress... but not erase.

    I wil llet that sit for a few minutes.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    Are you suggesting accusations like the following could be corroborated? If so, this would I deed be dynamite!

    Wow...thanks for that link dart feydher

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Just found this link too. No smoke without fire as they say


  • truth_b_known

    I think the simplest answer is the correct answer. Growing up in the organization in the 1980s I recall countless articles published by the WBTS lambasting the Catholic Church for its pedophile problems. Move forward a few decades and now Jehovah's Witnesses are being lumped into the group of religious pedophile protectors/deniers.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have been preaching and publishing they are the one true religion from day one. Since the days of Rutherford they have adopted dogma and policy to unnecessarily draw lines in the sand so they can be different than everyone else.

    With the public notoriety of JWs being pedophile protectors/deniers they have made themselves worse than the Catholic Church. At least the Catholic Church no longer denies they have a problem. This increases the size of the embarrassing stain on the proverbial shirt of JWs.

    The non-answer given by the WBTS of "We hate pedophiles" isn't a confession. They refuse to admit the problem and continue to use their membership donations as hush money to the victims. The organization isn't hiding anything. They have been exposed. Its like playing hide-and-go seek and a person who has been found replies "No you haven't."

  • oppostate

    The answer is they open themselves to litigation and millions of dollars in damages.

  • jp1692

    Don’t overthink it.

    It’s the same reason for every organization that covers up corruption and illegal activity: they want to avoid accountability and taking responsibility.

    So they lie to avoid the consequences

    It’s. Just. That. Simple.

  • Vidiot

    I suspect a darker, and IMO, more pivotal reason.

    We tend not to give it much thought, but the Org actually needs all the individual congregations to operate relatively smoothly for the whole thing to really work.

    However, I suspect that the institutionalized and endemic nature of the problem has actually become so widespread that were it to become too well-known, it would ultimately - and naturally - disqualify too many otherwise willing and "qualified" JW males from administering the Org at the grassroots level...

    ...ultimately depriving it of its ability to function, and therefore, survive.

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