Warwick and transport to meetings

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  • mann377

    Hey Sparky I remember that car! It was the bomb. I only had a 69 Valient with a slant six.

    I remember when I first got to the Farm I was in the Pine Bush congo. We refered to it as the Pine Box congo. There were 67 elders and 165 ministerl servents. I was the assistant in charge of one light switch (ha ha).

  • konceptual99

    Only last week in that horrendous WT one of the elders who spends 2 days a week on construction design work at MIll Hill was raving to the youngsters about the opportunities at Bethel, with the biggest growth being in commuters.

    Yes the UK bethel family is being decimated by 2/3rds over the next few years as they migrate to Chelmsford but it seems they are trying to build a pool of people that work for free but don't need caring for.

    Cha ching!!

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