Is this a BEAUTIFUL STORY--or what?

by Terry 50 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Phaedra

    Great story, Terry.

    I recently read that when we're gone, our lives are just another story.

    It's great to see we can still have fun surprises along the way.

  • MightyV8

    I have been waiting for your reply...didn't relies you posted here.

    Wow Terry that is beautiful to here.

    I am so happy for you!

    Yes on Sunday I too met a lovely like minded person.

    So refreshing when you connect with someone in so many ways.

    I can't lie, this 3-hour visit did more to heal me than I can possibly explain here.

    That is exactly how I felt.

    Little did I relies the healing went both ways.

  • Terry

    We don't have a Hollywood ending to our story, but we

    are working out the kind of issues people bring to the table who have lived long lives in relationships which were dysfunctional.

    She will have to be healed from her grief of the death of a husband in a 40-year marriage. I'll have to be in a place of financial security which will empower me to afford a car so I can travel the distance from Fort Worth to The Woodlands in Houston.

    Thanks to all for your kindess and genuine concern.

  • Terry



    Such things are, of course, personal and private, but I can speak with enough generality as to betray no confidence.

    My heart is broken. There is to be no mending.

    We said our final "Good-bye."

    Mine was the reckless heart. I opened it to feel. Today I surely do that very thing, I FEEL. Brokenhearted.

    Nobody at fault.

    Just is.

    I'm just so out of practice feeling, I think I'm going to die.

  • Finkelstein

    Sorry to hear things didn't work out.

    Just out of curiosity, is she still involved with the JWS ?

    You must keep in mind that she was married to someone for very long time and the fellow just recently passed away.

    Perhaps over time she might be a bit more open to furthering a relationship with you in the same receptive way that you want ?

  • sparky1
    I was rooting for you , Terry. I'm still rooting for you. Don't give up!
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Aw Terry. i really thought you-all would have a nice friendship even if no romance.

    In my life very few people are around who knew me when i was young. I would love to have a friend from back then and was hoping that the common ground would buoy things with you two.


  • Terry

    Thanks, all. Heartbreak is never fun, but at my age--wow--very intense.


    Finklestein: Just out of curiosity, is she still involved with the JWS ?

    No, she faded from the JW's while she was a Pioneer. She had been serving where the "need is greater" and kept noticing she and other sisters were treated like shit, and with no concern for their safety in troubled areas.

    Once she left, that was it.

    Her sister and parts of her family are still active JW's, but they don't shun her because she was never DF'd.

  • TheWonderofYou

    I am just listening to Zara "Lush life", Makes me thinking about what I thought would be a "lush life " in paradise. I like how she steps on the ground. When I hear the song I always remembers me of the paradise. If I had ever learned to dance like she, perhaps then I would have had a "lush" time? My wife was and is a good dancer, Me in contrary not, that was a problem when we went out to disco. I like more to watch how she dances

  • _Morpheus

    Terry... Im so sorry. I dont have anything profound to offer but my heart breaks with you. When we risk to love it is just that: a risk. There is always the chance we will not be loved in return.

    I hope this can turn into healing for you, having had a chance to reconnect after these years, once the pain subsides.

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