What is it with these lard ass GB and gold rings and watches?

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  • Overrated

    I told my in Jw brother that next time they ask for money whip out one of your bills and ask your loving brothers for help and see what kind of response you get.

  • LV101

    Bling and power and they're flaunting it.

  • vienne

    how about a photo of "Hears" wearing a Rolex.

  • Listener

    Vienne, I can't link from my old iPad but if you type in 'Sam's watch' into the search section on here, you will find a thread discussing it, including photo's.

  • careful

    These are gifts that wealthy Witnesses give the power structure to earn brownie points from "God's spokesmen." It's the ultimate "green handshake." They also get free trips overseas from such ones. After getting such gifts the GB members "feel grateful" and show it by wearing such expensive jewelry.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    They may be gifts. I note that they were pushing apple, seem to have a cushy relationship with IBM. We don't know about the old days with paper and ink companies; nor MAN.

    the pinkie rings seem to be GB only, like a special club for " made men".

    Since they moved the ring and seem to conceal the watch I think they are sensitive to comments here. 😃 hi guys

  • Diogenesister
    My Grandmother was a devout JW and back in the 90s early when they built Hotels near Patterson, she mumbled they had gotten their last dime from her. Her and my GF had special Pioneered and picked up bottles for return in the 60s so they could pay rent and buy food as the stipend was not even close to enough to support them in the cult work.

    Mickbobcat the worst thing is many of those hotel rooms were kept empty. One weekend when New York had severe weather they closed the airport. All the reasonably priced hotels were booked up. A pioneer & her friend who had come to tour Bethel were stuck with no where to stay as their flight home had been cancelled.

    She rang Bethel in hopes of finding a bed for the night. Would you believe they told these very young girls, stranded in a strange city, that because they were only "regular" pioneers they could not offer them a bed for the night. Had they been "special" pioneers they could have helped them out!!

    And they say that all Jehovah's Witnesses are equal and that they have no special titles!!

    Your'll be glad to know that young pioneer is NO LONGER one of Jehovah's witnesses. Wonder why🙄

  • Diogenesister
    Vienne how about a photo of "Hears" wearing a Rolex.

    Type in Sam Heards Rolex. I've seen him wear it quite often. Could be a family heirloom, of course. And Heard gets an army pension, too, so there's that.

  • Simon

    mickbobcat: I've already told you, several times, that we don't need bad languages all the time. Use it in, when something actually justifies it, otherwise it becomes annoying and you just come across as a potty mouth.

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