Jehovah's Witnesses and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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  • waton

    not_culty.\, here are waton's thought on this, cruising for a few more dislikes:

    Every reproduction scenario seems to generate extreme pleasure for all participants. Why would this be different for the bloated beetle? Perhaps the wasps penetration is accompanied with an overwhelmingly pleasing, long lasting dose of hormones, so that these grubs actually line up to get their load of eggs? so, get a load of this, and I will accept royalties if the wasp pleasure primer can be isolated and becomes a market hit.

    I am convinced blooming Flowers have floral orgasms.

    Since this is a resurrection thread, pity that the Earthly resurrection does not provide for erection and marriage; That fact alone should be reason enough to partake of the emblems. drink and eat and you shall marry

    One good reason for Jesus to be resurrected, is for him to become the groom, a pleasure that eluded him while a perfect human. just saying not obeying

    Perhaps that is the 'Freudian slip' reason why some prefer him to have a bodily resurrection? slipped in subconsciously?

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