Do you want to play with bears? You are now qualified for baptism!

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  • humbled

    BINGO, Steve!

    There are child baptisms in other religions - including of infants. The monumental difference with this religion is the "consequences" of the baptism follow the child well into adolescence and adulthood and provide the basis for being disfellowshipped.

    JW‘s used to say that they were not like the Catholic Church in infant baptism. But that’s not true.

    In the early 80s I was attending a Catholic Church in Nebraska. A priest where l attended mass said the church would nullify a marriage between young children as they were incapable of giving informed consent to the range of responsibilities that marriage vow required. I asked if on that basis they could rescind my infant baptism. ( l was refused communion for reasons not pertinent here)


    But to Steve’s point— Though l was effectively “disfellowshipped” from the Church still l could talk to anyone who wanted to talk to me. At the time it bothered me that l was barred from communion. But the JWconsequences of too-young baptism—as Steve says—a crushing lifetime effect far worse than that of the Catholic Church-and no way out of it.

    But think of it: why shouldn’t a person be able to go through a tribunal similar to the Catholic Church’s Marriage Tribunal to nullify a too-young baptism?

    — could even charge money for it ( the Church did back then. Processing fees— of course) Exed JWs could buy out of shunning! !!

    Maybe l will write the GB a letter.....

  • jws

    ttdtt wrote:

    I find it funny how SOOO many JWs are all into Playing with the Animals in the "nude system" but hardly any visit zoos or know anything about animals?

    I went to the zoo all the time as a JW kid and so did my sisters and their families (who where several years younger so there kids were closer to cousins). And we'd go with several other JW families. Can't say that's a rule though. Maybe it was a bit of the JW fantasy about us being friends with the animals someday. And in my family watching nature shows was a big thing. So I really didn't see the image you're portraying. Maybe where you were.

  • jws

    Play with the Bears? I'd love to and have had dreams about that!!! But, I'm too old now I can't run as fast as all those 20-somethings and would probably get killed by some linebacker.

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    If a teenager JW wants to date a girl, even a JW girl, all the congregation, the elders, the watchtower, the GB will say that dating is the way to marriage and it's a such an important decision that must not be taken without thinking twice.

    If a KID wants to be baptized (subjecting themselves to disfellowshiping in the future) they say it's totally normal and they should go on.

    This cult can't get more shameful.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I think the word needs to be spread around the congregations that if you don't want to get disfellowshipped, then don't get dunked.......

  • sparrowdown

    Now eat up all your fruit and go and play with the lions and tigers and panda bears sweetie the grown ups have bodies to stack and burn😉

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