Faded for almost 10 years and still getting random calls

by ctrwtf 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • joe134cd

    Just tell them your an apostate. Invite them in to discuss jwfacts.org.

  • John Free
    John Free

    You probably need to be more strong in asking for no more visits.


  • Done

    My situation is similar to jp1962. Just left. I wasnt an elder or ms, but was territory servant, sound etc, and one of the main people for upkeep on the hall.

    One visit in 2 years. There was a mag left in my door once. No note, just an old awake. Think it may have been from a family member still in since it was on my side door, not front. Or maybe, i heard they closed the hall in the next town over and it might have been one of those that dont know i live there.

    Any way, a simple 'no jw' sign should fix your issue

  • carla

    Just send in your cease & desist letter (maybe with your Christmas card? ha, just kidding) the letter really does go back to the elders in your area and you will become a do not call. You will not have to talk to anybody from the cong. You might have to send it next year too because they only consider it good for one year. Unless you are like me and get mad as hell when they knock then you will be a do not call for all time. (I didn't think I should have to send a letter each year but that is another topic)

    Here is the link, you will have put the new NY address on it though-


  • Vanderhoven7

    Just put up a "no J.w." sign on your door.

    That or have a list of embarrassing questions to ask them such as:

    Why were jws selling their homes in the sixties?

    Why were they applauded for it in the Awake?

    What was the work that was to be completed before the 20th century came to a close?

    Why did Jehovah break his promise to bring about a secure new system before those who saw the events of 1914 passed away?

    Btw make sure all questions require an explanation. And have WT quotations on hand.

  • ssn587

    I answer the do it holding a 45 no matter who is at the door, that's probably why they don't call.

  • tiki

    Just don't answer the door.

  • scratchme1010
    ...still get 3 or 4 visits a year mostly when we are not dressed...

    I'd remain undressed (just kidding).

    We don't want to move because we really enjoy where we live and both have careers that keep us in the area.

    I've asked politely that they stop calling but like the "Godfather" they keep "pulling me in."

    I think it's ridiculous that you should even consider the possibility of moving because of them. They have no authority over you or any member of your family.

    JWs love having the last word on everything. They hate the fact that you are free to do whatever you feel like doing and they have no saying on it. They might be provoking a situation where they can have the last word, simply because they just want to be right all the time and in everything.

    Are the visitors the same people? If they are, I believe that you can be more direct (no need to be nasty, though), especially since by now you should have minimal or no investment at all in that organization.

    I was very nasty and inappropriate in the way I send the message that I have no interest in any contact with them (I was too immature and too angry at the time for me to know better). However, I do believe that there wasn't going to be any nice way of setting boundaries with them.

    Sometimes it takes a more direct approach to have them understand that they are not welcome when they come in to make you go back to their congregation.

    If the people who come in to visit are not the same people, then my guess is that some idiot elder is giving a directive to have people visit you. In that case, I'd try to address the source of that directive, who's sending them. Then I'd be direct with that person.

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