Need help with a reference dealing with the Generations and SPLAINE

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  • ttdtt

    Hi - I am still looking for help, conformation, or that it was all a dream:)

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Hey @ttdtt I know what it's like to lose a valuable reference you heard/read in passing. I've done a little digging for you. David Splane hosted Broadcasting 12 when he did the "overlapping generation" spiel. You say he contradicted himself in a more recent Broadcasting episode. I've gone through all the episodes, and it appears that he's only ever hosted episode 12 (I could be missing something and he did appear on a later episode). Are you sure you heard him speak of the Joseph/Benjamin age gap again on the Broadcast? Or is it possible it was a Morning Worship clip, or something similar?

  • Wakanda

    Hopefully this helps you:

    He also hosted the third broadcasting episode. OMG they are on IMBD. They probably love it.

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