Need help with a reference dealing with the Generations and SPLAINE

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  • Sail Away
    Sail Away
    One does not need to explain fantasy (overlapping generations) just enjoy it for what it is (stupidity). I truly believe that this "overlapping generation" bull sh*t is the final nail in the coffin for many jw's-- eyeused2badub

    Yup. First thought upon hearing this at the then District Convention was, "That's crap." Out less than a year later.

  • ttdtt

    Thanks Splash! If anyone can find the new one when he contradicts himself I would appreciate it.

  • ttdtt

    Does anyone recall what I am talking about?

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Looks like someone did a bad job 'Splaneing that New Light.

  • waton

    I think you are trying to establish that by using a long lived, or short lived generation member , either in Joseph's oe Franz's time, David established different time envelopes. Wt writer were probably appalled that the 'older than Franz" scenario would kill the urgency by ending in 2075. The Joseph generation details would be very vague, a weak argument, as they are in the wt quiver.

    The 1914 generation is dead, dead wrong, because it is now the anointed, and will pass away.

  • ttdtt

    Yes but does anyone remember Splain or other GP - maybe at the 2014 international convention or on the broadcast - talk about how since Josephs brothers had a big age discrepancy that it aided the thought of the NEW Generations?

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    Hi ttdtt-- I vaguely remember a morning worship talk by Ken Flodin after Splane's infamous overlapping timeline. After praising Splane's fine presentation, Flodin proceeds to carefully insinuate an adjustment in the timeline. If memory serves, he put the end before 2034...I don't have time to check right now.

    Hope that helps...🤔

  • waton

    he put the end before 2034.

    that would only be a 42 year overlap from Fr. Franz, and less for those older partakers, that could have survived Franz, as mentioned by D. Splane, who would have been alive past 1992.

    2075 is a more realistic upper figure.

    Joseph age chronologies are notoriously vague, rounded up, convoluted. open to challenge, I would put my winning bet on the modern day, franz-like types.

  • Listener

    The K Flodin morning worship talk being referred to is here.

    He mentions the speculative year of 2040 (around the 5.10 mark) and with all his double talk, is trying to infer that the GT will come before then.

    The other speculative year of 2034 comes from 1914 plus 120 years (relating to the time of Noah) to get to 2034.

    This doesn't answer ttdtt's question.

  • waton

    ttdtt's question likely relates to the only scriptural claim of wt concerning the 2 group generation, when "Joseph died, and all that generation" Exodus 1:6 is mentioned.

    Picking the individuals and their ages of those contemporaries is not easy, and wrought with prejudicial error. (like the bible in the first place). so, sorry, I hope somebody can help ttdtt.

    2075 is it.

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