No such thing as history

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  • woodforde
    Why do you think it is that WTS limit accessibility to Watchtowers and Awakes to only issues since year 2000 on JWorg? A whiff of something slightly Orwellian? Not a case of re-writing history but nixing it altogether? Can't be an issue of band-width because such files take up only micro-gibbles. You'd think that Jah's Organisation would be prouder of its record than that!
  • stuckinarut2

    An older wt magazine once encouraged witnesses to "research and study our rich history etc"

    Now though, I think you are correct! "Lets just pretend the past never happened!"

  • TheOldHippie
    They are all there, on the CD-Rom. I am surprised at how much IS published on the .org, such as KM, study WTs etc.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    TheOldHippie: "They are all there, on the CD-Rom."

    What do you mean all there? Do the Watchtowers on the CD go back to the 1870s?

  • Pistoff

    They are not all there, they don't contain the really horrendous material.

    No copies of the Golden Age that references the Kike; no mention of the endless ranting against the 'poisonous pus' of vaccination, no copies of any Golden Ages that go on about the dangerous 'aluminum trust'.

  • Magnum
    And I think even the CD-Rom will be phased out soon.
  • eyeuse2badub
    Hold on to your WT CD's. They will soon be unavailable/out of print. lol. 
  • Heaven
    I have over 40 years worth of JW printed material from my parents. I plan to sell it and at least re-coup some money for my Dad in his declining years. He's gonna need it.
  • Naoscillator

    "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."

  • woodforde
    Well, I looked in vain for a comprehensive cd on jworg, old hippy but came across their latest splurge on how well the jovwits are doing in the Dominican Republic, with some "history". Those, who have read "Crisis of Conscience" by Ray Franz, the "apostate" member of the Governing Body, will recall that he and his wife spent several years there, dodging muck and bullets during the hostile Trujillo years and whom  I would assess as being a courageous man. There are photos of Frederick Franz, who was WT President at the time, (Ray's uncle), down from Brooklyn on a schmoozing visit but not a dicky-bird about Ray. Air-brushed. There never was a Ray.  

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