Wt says show principal love by shunning fellow humans.

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    Hi All,

    Just think many will read about shunning on their site, & they think by saying it's a loving thing to do...that cleans it up...but just think...many will read that & say, why would I join a religion that shuns/DF'd because of.......you can fill in the blanks...that's not a good way to attract folks...most folks know they may mess up & so they feel what the heck why join them, I'll most likely get shunned for one thing or another...But then their are others that love this arrangement...some folks have a vengeful heart...they love folks to get their come upp'ins...except when it comes to them....I've heard many say, well if they don't listen, they find out when The GB/Amar (can't spell it) & the door will be closed & they will be destroyed...& folks, when they say it, they say it with no pity or any sorrow ...that's sad. What kind of folks look forward to others being destroyed, what type of person feels this is a good thing...Jesus felt pity for folks...he never said...if you don't listen to me..My Dad & I are going to get you..just keep it up...but doesn't the bible say that God or Jehovah doesn't wish anyone to be destroyed but yet humans (some not all) love the idea...Again, what kinds of persons are these...that love come upp'ins or they'll get theirs attitude...


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    The Marvster

    after seeing the 'illustration' posted by SG098 I had to go search for the actual copy on the JWorg site because I couldn't believe that picture was real. To me that picture speaks of 'utter evil', everyone there hugging and laughing and 'being nice' to each other, while a person stands there in the corner completely alone, totally ignored. I mean, doesn't that strike you as just 'a tiny bit insensitive'?

    'Look at us, we're all so loving to each other, but YOU stay there, you're not included in this', we're so loving, that's why we're ignoring you.... Apologies SG098, I actually doubted the picture, because on seeing it I thought, that sh*t cant be f***ing real, it's just too cruel, it must be a photoshop, but no, it's bloody real, I downloaded the magazine and lo and behold there's the picture... the borg has a totally twisted view of love, call it what it really is, hate, manipulation, bullying, passive aggressive control, ... the whole flipping congregation sending one 'weak' person to coventry, I'm gobsmacked... How I never saw this when I was still in, I don't know

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    Beth Sarim
    Absolute hypocrisy.
  • Heaven
    Shunning is abuse not love.
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    And then they have the courage to say something about people who react strongly when a loved one might end up in this cult:

    July 2009 Awake article “Is It Wrong to Change Your Religion?”
    No one should be forced to worship in a way that he finds unacceptable or be made to choose between his beliefs and his family.“

    Awake 2003, 11/08, “When Loved Ones Do Not Share Your Faith”
    Many who are not true Christians love their parents and other relatives and communicate regularly with them regardless of their religious affiliation. Should Christian Witnesses do any less?”

    Watchtower 2002, 01/01, “All True Christians Are Evangelizers”, $15
    “Pressuring people to change their religion is wrong. Certainly, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not act in such a way.”

    Used these quotes in a letter to relatives who decided to shun me without me being marked or dfed. They probably won't read it, or don't see the hypocrisy.

  • sowhatnow

    emotional kool aid.

    they have poisoned their minds with evil propaganda disused as good

    . hmm doesn't the bible tell us that Satan presents himself as an angel of light?

    and that in the 'last days' lol,

    there will be no natural affection? well???

    Then, parents of fellowship children, being in great emotional pain, will ignore their consciences, out of fear and anguish, and harden their hearts.

    they ruin a working conscience.

    that is indeed brainwashing to the fullest degree, when you take a normal human emotion, and pervert it.

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