Anyone have someone move in and take over the congergation?

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  • rickroll

    I have been in two congregations where someone moved in from the big city and took over with the attitude of the northerners when they go south, I come from where they do it right. Like bulls in china shops they remove people and do the house cleaning like the political org cult it is.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Here the only time new elders came in they were assigned, and they were decent men. Unfortunately they died young.

    I knew 2 city slickers who moved south and took over, from what I know of them they were not bullies though.

    There was an assembly experience where a family moved from California to small town Nebraska; they were not lonesome as they brought friends in too, so it became little kalifornia.

    That latter experience is not limited to congregations. People flee Calif ( or wherever) bring inflated house money ey which runs local costs up, and then try to impose their attitude ( usually the reasons they left) on the whole community

  • blondie

    I have been in some where elders/families were assigned to "help out" a congregation with problems or to boost the # of elders.

    In some cases, they were called in to get the BOE in line or else heads would roll. They had assignments direct from NY.

    Others came at the suggestion of the CO (perhaps with indirect WTS involvement) to "help out" congregations in the circuit.

    Some came to "help where the need was greater" at the direction of the WTS.

    The problems I saw where elders/families had taken it upon themselves to become needgreaters, and deliberately chose small congregations and brought adult male jw children with them to stack the BOE (these elders had problems in their previous congregation and the BOE gave them a good recommendation to the new congregation to get them out of their hair). Those were nightmare situations. Fortunately, many found it hard to continue supporting their previous lifestyle there.

  • rickroll

    The two I was around when they happened, one was back in the early 70s the other mid 90s. The one in the early 70s we lived in a fairly rural area. The CO did not like the Hicks and out laws and wanted to move people from the big city where he was from. He had several family's move in. The new appointed elder went to the elders home and removed all the records he kept and got access to the files at the hall. He removed that elder for nothing really and cleaned house, his words at the time. Some of the families moved away after that. One family was close to retirement and moved to Florida. Some of the local JWs sucked up to him and others moved to other congregations. The families who moved in were very condescending. But in the end after years Most of them either fell away or moved or became like the locals. The second one is where a very strong control freak elder moved to a rural area where his daughters had married some local JWs and moved to the rural congregations. The local elders were getting old, one dies, one took a job with the JWs driving truck at the time delivering food for assemblies out of an assembly hall. This left elder control nut job and his two sons in laws. They had their nose so buried up old Walt's ass it was sick. He with their help only had one elder left to knock off and made his life so miserable he moved to another congregation.

  • asp59

    Seen that a coupel of times. After a time congregacion ends up worse then it was before.

  • lriddle80

    The guy that disfellowshipped me was a new guy, so he was apparently cleaning house

  • BluesBrother

    Over here it would elders moving from South to North who might be thinking they knew best.

    I did that once.... but not , I hope with an attitude.

    what I found was that the locals kind of resented me as a newcomer .... not one of them .

    In the end it was a good thing , an unhappy B of E helped me to open my eyes to the falsehood of it all.

  • hoser

    A few times and it never ended well

  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    Well....that is strange

    However since its an organization built on power trips, politics and ass kissing maybe not so unusual.

  • Vidiot

    I don’t recall seeing any kind of “takeover” situation, but I did know elders who ran congregations like their own private little fiefdoms.

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