Anyone have someone move in and take over the congergation?

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Yes! Around 20 years ago an Elder was sent to 'help'. Extremely pretentious and opinionated, he has hurt multiple lives. Even though he is no longer the Presiding Overseer, he is still strangely viewed as the local guru, or 'pastor' if you will, and has no qualms about preaching his personal opinions as doctrine, and intimidating those around him who don't give him adulation. Reminds me of the Bible character Haman, who Mordecai wouldn't bow down to. He has it out for me, by the way. 😆

  • blondie

    Yes, a small frog in a big pond, looks for a small pond to be a big frog in.

  • westiebilly11

    Yes, this happened with our old congregation. A transferred elder was made PO and within a few short months had managed to interfere and upset more than one family. His wife was one who would enjoy taking centre stage in answering a study question.. He took it upon himself to conduct a ' purge' of the congregation and it's elders. After several years, and ,no doubt, having come to the notice of higher ups via visiting Circuit Overseers, he has now been returned to his original congregation. I later found out that in Ireland, his original place of inception, he caused mayhem and misery there too. He lacked empathy and was really quite judgmental. I longed to tell him it was no one man owns a congregation......

  • LauraV

    I remember a Congregation in Brooklyn a decade or two ago that had either a CO or new elder sent to them and he DFd basically everyone in the Congregation. I think it was the Spring Creek Cong.

  • Butterfly607
    2 elders from near New York moved in to a congregation a couple hours south. One was a former bethelite. They both were so concerned about rules but not worried about love. Especially the ex-bethelite. He became the PO and the other guy was second in command. It went from being a family, close knit congregation to a place I didn’t want to stay. I got out of there. Interestingly, despite both elders’ focus on the rules, their kids got DF’d. Oh well, guess we all can’t be perfect... lol
  • Phizzy

    In the early '70's we had an "Elder" move in, he was about 24, knew it all, and thought as he came from " that London" he would sort out us country boys. He was soon shocked to find out that phrases like " the Society says" cut no ice at all with us.

    I remember he started a thing about every bloke should wear a Suit on the Platform, ( I didn't even own a Suit ! ), "the Society says....", he was told by the other Elders, "well, we don't do that here."

    He soon found out that our Congregation had scant regard for the " Society", and thought Circuit Overseers were a joke to be endured until they moved on somewhere else. One C.O told me the previous one had told him he was scared when he had to visit us !

    We had one other Elder who held the " Society" in High esteem, and fawned to the C.o on his visits, one Elder told me " J ( the fawning Elder), is so far up the C.O's arse he can see A's ( the first city-boy Elder's), boots ! "

  • respectful_observer
    He soon found out that our Congregation had scant regard for the " Society", and thought Circuit Overseers were a joke to be endured until they moved on somewhere else.

    That reminds me of a CO from the 80's...David Suitor (sp?). Rumor has it, he would carry his letter of appointment as CO in his briefcase. During his Elders Meeting, if any elder challenged him on something, he'd just reach into his briefcase, stop the brother and direct said brother to read his letter of appointment aloud to everyone in the room. Alpha move, right there.

  • smiddy3

    You got that right blondie .However I think a toad suits better than a frog.

  • blondie


    Good point, I'll edit that saying to "toad" from now on.

    Moving into spring now by you? Autumn has finally come to my area, that means winter cannot be far behind.

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