JWs and 9-11. What was your reaction when it happened?

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  • Nevuela

    resolute Bandicoot
    I learned everything that I needed to know about islam on that day.

    I learned everything I need to know about you just from that one statement.

    BTW I have Muslim friends and they are literally the kindest, most compassionate and OPEN-MINDED people I know. So no, you didn't learn a damn thing about them, except how to hate.

  • zeb

    "Does anybody remember hearing that the watch Tower in Brooklyn lock the doors so that people could not get help on 911?"--minimus.

    Yes. I read that perhaps on here. In the same report it said that they were told to pull the blinds down and keep working but the jw inside insisted that the doors be opened so help could be given to the traumatized.

    As for Tj's reference to Jehovah putting a shot across their bows is another display of 24ct arrogance..that every damn thing that happens in this world is all about ..them.

  • smiddy3

    My son rang me up about 11pm that night and said turn on your TV ,I said which channel he said it doesn`t matter just turn on your TV.

    I looked and was in shock.

    I rang my 2nd son and told him ,he worked at that time for an "Elder" brother and went in a bit late the next morning and was questioned why he was late and all he said was "the Twin Towers" and apparently that was not a valid excuse

  • kairos

    Thanks for all of the replies.

  • WingCommander

    I stood atop the WTC twice. I ate at Windows on top of the World once. (fantastic view, subpar food as any New Yorker will tell you) The last time was a day before New Year's Eve, 2000 into 2001.

    I'll tell you what I remember besides the typical newscasts of the day, Howard Stern's radio broadcast, the fact that it was a gorgeous September day on the east coast: I remember seeing the news showing the Palestinian's dancing in the streets and burning the American flag, shooting off AK's, and giving their children candy. Yeah, I remember that shit. Between 9/11 and the Palestinian's reaction to it, I learned A LOT about Islam and how Israel must feel on a daily basis. Then, add to that the tube and rail bombings in the UK and Paris. Bali resort bombings. The list goes on and on. "Religion of Peace", my ass!!!

  • Diogenesister

    What I remember most was a few days later. I heard a last phone call from one of the poor people trapped in the towers just before it collapses...as he cries out frightened ( I think the roof started to cave, then the phone goes silent). I actually blacked out in fear.

    I knew then, absolutely, that human beings are connected on a deep, primal level. My heart breaks for those poor souls, and the bravery of the firefighters who lost their lives...I could never be so courageous, it's really marvelous when you think about it, some taking lives whilst others give their lives to protect strangers.....how can we human beings be so different?

    I knew armageddon would terrify me if it came, though.

    Averagejoe1 mentioned the UK and the iRA terrorist attacks. The iRA mostly funded by American-Irish.

    Yes its interesting how the iRA no longer received funding following 9/11

  • minimus

    I was at that Windows two weeks before.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I was a hospital porter and I was at work when it happened. It was a Tuesday morning. I'll never forget it.

    I was the X-Ray porter and I was in that department. One of the radiographers, a woman called Hillary, told me that there was news coming through that a plane had hit the WTC but they didn't know if it was an accident or if it was deliberate.

    Then a few minutes later, I heard a second plane had hit the other tower. So then I knew it was deliberate. I went into the little room where the radiographers went for their breakfasts/lunches and saw the news on the little TV they had.

    BBC news initially reported the incident as an act committed by 'Muslim terrorists' but, within hours, this had been changed to 'Islamist extremists'. Good ol' Beeb - even has hundreds of innocent people lose their lives, the Beeb is worried if words might offend.

    I knew it was very bad but I was still a dub so I didn't really like America (JW propaganda is distinctly anti-American and anti-Western, so I was too, to some degree). I just thought that the world is getting worse and Armageddon might be coming soon.

    Another of the radiographers, Jen, said it was bad. She also said to me something like "you might have to join the army" - I guess that was her way of teasing me. I replied no way.

    But years afterwards, as I was leaving the WTS, I would watch programs about the WTC attacks. I was struck by seeing what had happened to real people. I remember seeing a program that examined the bravery of the firemen. And I also saw a program that detailed the people who were stuck above the impact zones. They were doomed. They could either burn to death/die from smoke inhalation, go down when the tower collapsed, or jump. This program made the case that the jumpers weren't cowards, they chose to end their lives when they wanted to. It was sad and touching.

    Who can forget the photo of the 'falling man'?

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  • smiddy3

    That plane that went down in the field ,I think it was the last plane to crash ? ,I can`t help but think it was collateral damage control.

    Military / Government Intel by this time knew that their were " targets" and the military were not going to let these highjacker`s reach that target so they brought it down .

    They were going to die anyway best by our hand than theirs with much more loss of life.

    That may not be easy to digest but it could explain why they never reached their intended target as the others did.

    Am I the only one that thinks this way ?

    I do not mean to offend anyone and I am truly sorry if this post does offend anyone.

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