JWs and 9-11. What was your reaction when it happened?

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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Here in UK faces that hadn't been seen for a while turned up the following Sunday.

    Hushed talk that his was the beginning of the big A was rife but a month later numbers were back to normal and speculation suppressed.

  • Londo111

    That day I truly thought that it was a precursor that would lead to the Great Tribulation. The first domino had fallen, which would like to more, and then bam...governments would band together and outlaw religion.

  • jp1692

    I remember that morning quite clearly.

    A fellow JW and one of my best friends at the time called me and told me to turn on the television. I was -- as were many -- shocked by what I saw. It was beyond belief.

    My wife (also a JW) as did virtually every JW I knew immediately said, "This could be the beginning of Armageddon!"

    She was clearly more frightened than excited about that idea -- an idea which turned out to be very wrong, as has been every proclamation that "the end is nigh" both before and ever since.

    In the 17 years that have passed since the tragedy of the Twin Towers I've seen many JWs die still clinging to the false beliefs of the WTBTS. I've also seen many stay in the religion desperately hoping that it is all somehow still true in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

    But I've also seen many former believers wake-up to the reality that the "theology" and beliefs of the JW religion and the WTBTS are false and unworthy of belief. These people have left the religion and begun living their lives, reclaiming whatever time remains to live a true, authentic life of meaning.

    In retrospect, September 11th, 2001 was a tragic event on many levels. And yet for many of us it was a wake-up call to quit putting our faith in myths, lies and wishful thinking and put or faith in that what is real.

    This is what I choose to commemorate on this day.

  • VIII

    I had the news on this morning and was getting ready to go out running. They said they were going to put on a 20ish minute video of 9/11...it would show what happened that morning. I started watching and all the memories flooded back. I started crying uncontrollably. And, I couldn't stop watching. Seeing the plane crash on 9/11/2011 live on TV I'll always remember. It was surreal. Seeing it again was heartbreaking.

    Watching the people run down the streets covered in ash...horrible. Seeing the second plane crash; I remember vividly. I had CNBC on in 2011. They couldn't believe it. I kept changing channels to make sure it was really happening.

    The worst was the people jumping. Seeing people whose only option was to jump to their death just makes me physically ill. To know that their only option was to look down and see their certain death or be burnt alive is just horrific. I cry as I type it.

    The brave heroes who went in to save people are to be commended. Also the people on the plane who tried to stop the hijackers in Pennsylvania...

    I never got out running today; I've been sad all day. Just a tragic day.

  • waton

    Wow, low level airplane attacks again just like in 1944. American planes too. never thought it was kamikaze like really.

  • ShirleyW

    I'm sure we all have heard the story about Bethelites handing out water, then running inside and locking their doors, I believe it

    A JW friend at the time told me a week or so after that it was confirmed that 12 or whatever numbers of the folks that died that day were JWs, I said what about the other folks, you don't care? Then she just said, "yeah, but it was just confirmed that "whatever number" killed that day were JWs - SMH., It's sad that you let seven old guys in Brooklyn hard wire your brain like that.

    Even my mother who was an Uber-Dub, heard a brother make some pompous remark about how the other folks out here in the world better be glad they didn't caught or something to that effect, she even said that was wrong of him to say something like that.

  • Gorbatchov

    I remember that day. At my Work here in Holland.

    Not thinking about the big A.

    Respected Bush for his calm reaction.


  • StephaneLaliberte

    My very first reaction: I was happy. It was like I had been expecting it. The world already had plenty of violence and it only made sense that this violence would find its way to america. I thought it would change things. I didn't expect armageddon. I simply thought it would humble the USA and they would become better world citizens for it, understanding that the entire planet is suffering, including them.

    Obviously, at that moment, I had no understanding of the world, its history and how things work.

    In time, I came to understand that this was all for nothing. These 3000 people died for nothing and even more suffered and still suffer from this for absolutely nothing.

    Now that I have grown and have a clearer view of the world around me, free from the JW filter, i find their lost atrocious.

  • minimus

    Does anybody remember hearing that the watch Tower in Brooklyn lock the doors so that people could not get help on 911?

  • minimus

    I just noticed Shirley’s post. So was this really true??

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