Old, Faithful and Forgotten...

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  • HappyDad

    Seems like the WT is only catering to and interested in trying to keep the younger money making/donators in the cult. Change the spiel to confirm to the newest digital media so they will hopefully have something to hang on to. Forget the elderly on social security in senior section 8 or public housing. We don't have enough money to make ends meet at the end of the month and surly can't donate enough for the World Wide Work/pedifile law suit payouts.

    I imagine there are many elderly in their 60's on up who are wondering and having doubts for the first time in there life. I'm sure if I didn't wake up over 15 years ago, I would be wondering right now myself.


  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Wow, I can't even imagine how hard it must be for old timers who have been in the religion for 50+ years.

    I feel there comes a certain age where deconversion is no longer a real option. You just have to much invested to ever think of turning around. Maybe it's bigoted or ageist of me to say - but I do genuinely feels sorry for these people because the society wont even let them die in peace. Instead they'll feel ever more isolated, confused, and conflicted inside.

    I really do hate the things religion does to people!

  • stillin

    Aside from the technological alienation that the older ones feel, the "brotherhood" simply isn't what it used to be. Caring for older, handicapped ones is haphazard at best. There are still some decent people in the congregations who truly do what they can, in which case the elders simply forget about those who are no longer able to get around.

    i made reference to the literature counter brother about these " new-fangled push-button bibles" and he barely cracked a smile. What is wrong with these people?


    Jeehoober's celestial chariot zig-zags to shake off the useless/non-contributing members.

    Old people, who need more than they give, are a burden to the WTBTS. They require time, money, and manpower. The WTBTS has a shortage of "qualified men" and the Eldubs are too busy caring for the mundane paperwork that is required by this legalistic cult; they also must support themselves financially, unlike the CO's and the Gibbering Buddies.

    Who has time to check on old people?? It's ok to do so, if you're counting your time. Performing charitable works instead of performing timed field service is considered spiritually unwise. A brother who is "reaching out" will not be recommended if his hours are not sufficient; it doesn't matter if he selflessly commits hundreds of hours to helping others. All that matters is quantifiable statistics. Such is the disgusting legalism of the WTBTS.

    Sisters can check on the old ones, I suppose. Then again, they are brainwashed into immediately involving the men so as not to appear presumptuous; this begins the loop of ineptitude once again.

    Anyway, women and children don't matter anyway...


  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence
    It's a d*mn shame how this organization treats the older ones and then pretends to be all about "taking care of the flock".
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    i will miss the magazines---what else can i use to wipe my arse with ?
  • steve2

    Well, as much as I deplore jw organization's blinkered move into tablets and ipads, part of me is pleased that more and more evidence accrues that this is one very heartless, unloving organization. Harsh but true.

    Perhaps as they reflect upon a lifetime spent working/slaving for an organization that promises the end is near, older ones do sense something is not right? Not that the elderly can do much about emergent or continued doubts, sad though it is.

    We don't need to worry so much about younger ones in the organization: They are increasingly able to navigate between "appearances" at the kingdom hall and getting on with their lives far more flexibly than earlier generations of Witnesses ever did.

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