Old, Faithful and Forgotten...

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  • rrb2016

    Had a conversation with my JW Mother the other day. She has been baptized for over 50 years. I've been out for 30 years, but because both my Mother and Mother-in-Law are JW's I keep up with all things JW. Generally we don't talk about the cult, but I drop a few negative bombs when I can. During our last conversation I mentioned the selling of properties, magazine printing cutback and suggested that in a few years, there probably won't be any magazines at all.

    For the first time, I could feel a hint of discouragement in her voice. She said 'well, I can't afford one of those "machines" (tablet) and can't afford the internet. I actually felt pity for her, and starting thinking of all the old "faithful" Brothers and Sisters that must feel left behind, and the cult doesn't even care. She said in order to get magazines, you have to specially ask for them, making her feel as if it is a burden to provide her with her "spiritual food." My Mother-in-Law is in the same boat. I asked her if they are going to provide free internet at the KH. That is the least they could do - since they are forcing everyone to go paperless. She said, " I don't know, why don't you call and ask for me?"

    I generally have a sense of glee when she doesn't have an answer to some of my negative (yet true) comments and tidbits of anti-JW info, but this time, I truly feel bad for her and the 1000's of faithful old ones that are being left behind, as they are no longer "important." That all being said, does anyone know if the KH's have internet, or provide FREE WI-FI?

  • sir82

    Most US Kingdom Halls provide wifi although they are typically password-protected. I think there was a BOE letter explaining that it should be installed in every KH. They needed it for a special broadcast a year or 2 back.

    I suppose each BOE differs on who gets the password though. At our KH there is no issue, anyone who asks can get it.

    But yeah, back on topic, the WTS seems to be coldly indifferent to those who are 70+ and can't or won't adapt to new technology. I think many are feeling left behind.

    Odd, since those are the ones who might have left them generous sums in their wills. Once again, the WTS appears to be unable to stop shooting its own feet.

  • tim3l0rd
    At our hall anyone who asks is given the password. Most kingdom halls have wifi now. They have to download videos monthly to play during the meeting. Some are announcements and some are special instructions. Starting the first of the year, they will have to play the recommended presentations for the whole congregation.
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The problem is that many of the elderly wouldn't have a clue what to do with a password. They certainly have been neglected, cast aside by the organisation (we are not supposed to say society anymore).

    It feels like a ruthless piece of rebranding aimed at the young. There is only lip service paid to looking after the old in this brave new unrecognisable religious cult.

  • LisaRose

    I think you can get a kindle fire now for around fifty dollars ( the older version which is perfectly good) , so that might be an option for some folks. They 're quite simple to use, easier to maintain than a pc and you can do just about anything you could use a pc for. An advantage for older ones is that you can make the font any size you want. If they cannot afford the internet they could use a local library or coffee shop WiFi to download the literature to read later.

    But It's so sad that no one seems to care about these folks that don't know or can't afford the technology.

  • Virgochik

    My mom's almost eighty one. She grudgingly bought a tablet to watch the Gibbering Buddies' videos, but got frustrated and got rid of her wifi at her tiny section 8 apartment. It's just not something she has the extra money for. She's a widow on social security. She is disgruntled that the sisters have to come over and play the talks for her on their tablets, but not bitter enough yet to stop door knocking. She's bothered by the heavy emphasis on the internet, but can't work out what's wrong with the direction the org's going in. I feel bad for her, because she thinks it's her fault she has trouble keeping abreast.

    They have to know how confusing the elderly find the changes and the push to use technology they don't understand. Mom's on her own since my dad passed, and the feeling of being worthless is making her more depressed. They really burn my butt!

  • talesin

    It's true. During my recent hospitalization, I got in touch with my father again, and found out what is "really" going on. My mother has dementia, and he is her caregiver 24-7. She hasn't even been diagnosed, but quite sure it is Alzheimers.

    In spite of her abuse and such, I feel so bad for her. Her greatest fear was to lose her mental faculties. How ironic and sad. He asked me to call her, saying she cries about me not being around. So I did. She sounds so weak and out of it........ "It's really you, dear? Does your father have your number?" She doesn't remember that she is the one who didn't want me around. This dementia explains a lot (see my older thread re the cray-cray that went on a few months ago).

    I feel so bad for them ........... in order to get to one mtg. a week, my father has one of our WORLDLY relatives come and sit with Mother. Where are their brothers and sisters? Hypocrites! My parents have always been the FIRST to help others,. took a whole family into our home to live because they were in need (clueless), fostering a JW kid who had been abused, billeting families for the annual DC held in our city, and on and on. They are not angels, and yes, I grew up with abuse. But in the context of their sick world, they helped a lot of people. And now that they need help, where is #1 son? Where is the JW family? GONE

    I feel pity and sorrow for the older ones. It's disgusting.


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Free wifi would be paid for by the congregation anyway....too many brothers downloading porn!
  • Spiral

    This has happened in my Mom's congregation. I bought her a tablet (she doesn't know how to use it but it's the principle of the matter, d**m*t!) and made sure she has access to jw.org so she can watch the videos, etc. Before I was there she was saying "people have stuff and they read things at meeting and I don't even have it." That was upsetting her. I print things now so she'll have it if she wants it.

    I am surprised to see absolutely no effort to help the elderly ones-even if they have money for Internet and tablets they don't know what to do with them. And no effort to print items for them. Even some with younger Internet-savvy JW children aren't getting any help, which seems really strange to me.

    Funny thing too, after all of that my Mom doesn't even want to watch the videos. Ever!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Older ones forgotten when it comes to printed literature?

    That's the least of their worries - see what happens to them when they become inmates in a retirement home.

    Oh, the spiritual paradise and the worldwide brotherhood!!

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