Independent reading of Bible results in better understanding

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  • Ireneus

    In guided reading, you tend to get the understanding of the guide. What if guide is blind? Religious leaders who understand ‘one innocent man should be killed to atone the sins of others are in bondage to darkness, hence there is nothing good to be expected from them. In other parts of the world, religious leaders discriminate between sex, caste...etc which is another type of bondage to darkness. Hence, if one wants to understand scriptures, he must read it unguided, independently. This is how I go about:

    1)If I add both good and bad I am producing waste. Tree is symbol of production/reproduction, hence "tree of good and bad" (Gen 2:16) and eating of it (Gen 3:1-5) would mean humanity (original Hebrew word is Adam) chose a path of wastefulness after leading a perfect life on a perfect earth for a sufficiently long period. Hence what we find is the wasted earth, not the original, perfect earth. I have found this fact: What happens to my body is the manifestation of what is going on in my inner world—mind, and similarly, thought pattern of individuals collective changed the ecosystem of earth after humans changed from path of perfection to path of wastefulness. And if thought pattern of individuals collective returns to the original mode the ecosystem of earth would also be restored.

    2)When it is reported ‘supply of wine is finished’ during a wedding at Cana in Galilee, response of Jesus (one of the invitees) wasWhat does this have to do with me?” (John 2:4) This shows God is non-interventionist. John’s gospel says Jesus performed a miracle of turning the water into wine which is gospel writer’s own imagination, proof of which lies in the verse 2:11 which says ‘this was the first of all miracles Jesus performed.’ If this was the first miracle, all other gospels written earlier than this gospel would have no reason to forget the “first” miracle. God needs to intervene only when humans succeed in transforming the earth into total wastefulness through things such as pollution, war …etc

    3)Revelation book confirms that earth would become wasted, and would be renewed subsequently (Rev 11:18; 21:1-5) which was the main theme of Jesus’ preaching. (Mathew 19:28)

    To understand such a simple thing as above, why is an organization needed?

  • punkofnice
    To understand such a simple thing as above, why is an organization needed?

    Why is anything needed?

    It seems that no one can make sense properly of the book. There must be thousands of different Christian sects all claiming that their interpretation is correct.

    I'd tend to ask:

    Who is correct?

    Why are they particularly correct?

    Why are all the others incorrect?

    ....and importantly....

    Why would a god use what he/it/they/she would know would become dead languages and then make it so difficult to make head nor tail of this book that was bunged together by some self important blokes in pointy hats?

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  • venus

    I like your understanding on the question: What does this have to do with me?” Something to be thought about!

  • Phizzy

    When I was a believing and active JW I found I could get a much better understanding of the Bible by looking at a variety of Commentaries.

    These gave background and substance to what I was reading, letting me know when the Bible Book was really written, by whom, and what the writer, or writers had as an agenda. I also learned what original words, phrases, and idioms meant.

    All knowledge unavailable to JW's simply using WT Lit.

    One day I sat down and read the Book of Daniel as though I had never before read it, without WT interpretation going round in my head.

    I realized that no way could 1914 be extrapolated from the simple words there. I then realized that : No 1914 = no 1919 Choosing of a FDS = Today's G.B are self appointed charlatans !

    Independent reading certainly helped me !

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Independent'' thinking and reason is exactly what the Borg does NOT want the Dubs to do.

    It makes them 'realize' perhaps maybe they've been duped. They may see the 'eroneous' ways of the WT.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    You don't become a JW by merely reading the Bible also. Nobody has.

  • Ireneus

    When children can understand hard stuff like quantum mechanics and make practical application, why do they need help to understand Bible?

  • Finkelstein

    Ironically millions of people today dont understand the writings within the bible in its original intent and purpose.

    The concept of these writings as being mostly fictional mythology as in Revelation goes completely right past them ..

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    A lot of people today believe that the Bible is ''made-up'' and a lot of it ''isn't even true''. Just figurative.

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