Independent reading of Bible results in better understanding

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  • Ireneus

    Beth Sam,

    What you said is a great truth.

    If we take all scriptures to be figurative, it makes sense; and there is peace.

    If we take them all literally, we are sowing the seeds for contention and conflict.

  • fulano

    THE bible doesnt make sense imho. But what can you expect, 66 books by 40 different writers among them fishermen and an old prisoner om mushrooms. There are far more important books to read.

  • venus


    There is something good in reading the Bible. Look at one of its major subjects. A nation claimed that God has elevated them over other nations. However, through history, God proved He has not chosen any nation over others (Babylonians destroyed the theocratic and political system of things of Jews in 586 BCE, and repeat happened in 70 CE by the Romans.)

    Thus Bible too proves that every action has equal and opposite reaction.

  • fulano

    I don't think we need the bible to discover this.


    The bible was never intended to be a something to base a religion on.

    The bible [a collection of books] was put together and confirmed by catholic bishops hundreds of years after Jesus rose from the dead. [around 380 ad]

    The idea of a religion based on the bible and calling it Christianity just doesn't work when you add up those facts.

    Who ever said the bible is the word of God? The catholic church, that's who. It's a catholic book and JWs typically hate the catholics just as they have been taught by the WTS


  • venus


    I agree.

    I read the Bible, and weed out human concepts such as concepts about God: "you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live" (Exodus 33:20). This is Moses' own statement about God Almighty. He doesn't know that Almighty means one who is able to do anything--He can manifest His full force or in part or even to less than 1%. Almighty should be able to offer a tender kiss to a little baby [without burning it into ashes] who should feel more loved than from a kiss from a human being. Hence Almighty will not say 'if you see my face, you will die.'

    Yet I benefit from certain verses of highest insight into human psychology such as Mathew 12:35 which says 'people act/react according to their taste whether beneficial or non-beneficial to those around them.'

    This has helped me a lot. Because i understood from this verse that if someone misbehaves with me, I tell myself 'I am not the object of his action, but I just happen to be the recipient of his action, he is not giving me according to what i did to him, but he is just unfolding according to his taste, or "treasure of his heart." This has made me feel a great relief when roughed up by others. Thus this verse helps me not to be overjoyed when loved by others nor grieve when hated by others.

    In fact, many have benefited from this when i shared this with them.

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