Personal Data Permission (Spain)

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  • kramer

    This is a Europe wide thing , google ‘GDPR’. The upside is that the regulations also come with individuals having the right to require organisations to erase data held on you. This should be interesting.

  • Ruby456

    yes kramer and the wts cannot do anything bad to you if you refuse to sign as they will be violating the GDPR if they do. this is going to have massive implications for empowering individuals.

    edit: pls learn what your rights everybody. I think this will have implications for countries outside the EU too if they trade with the EU. no more imperialism from you know who

  • Blade R
    Blade R

    En mi caso, he dirigido una consulta a la agencia de protección de datos española para verificar la legalidad del formulario que los editores han firmado.

    Estoy esperando una respuesta oficial.

  • lastmanstanding

    I think the Watchtower’s push for data etc revolves around the newest change within the org.

    The Blood Card evolved from just a card dubs carry that says “no blood” into a full blown Durable Power of Attorney DPA. And the newest Watchtower law is for elders not only to sign them but to make a copy and keep on file.

    The Watchtower has sojourned into the realm of the legal. They want to replace your lawyer.

    A Durable Power of Attorney is something that your lawyer prepares, not your priest. Watchtower knows how it goes on Hospital Day. Everyone shows up including non dub kids who might make a Blood Card disappear....

    Watchtower wants to enforce. To do so they need to put on the lawer’s shoes. To do that, they have to have legal permission. I am surprised it has taken this long for the authorities and the powers that be to catch on to what is going on at OZdomhall.

  • Diogenesister
    The upside is that the regulations also come with individuals having the right to require organisations to erase data held on you. This should be interesting.

    Yes and the thing is there is a leaked video of the Bethel iT guys discussing this issue with other departments.The whole point of these data protection laws is for the individual to have control over what is stored and the information on file must be controlled by the individual. In this video Bethel states that there is some information they will not be allowed to change ie have any control over whatsoever. That will be illegal.

    NB anyone who has previously applied for a "privilege of service" ( Bethilite, pioneer etc) is already most likely on their database.

  • TheWonderofYou

    "Alexa whom should I talk or let me say .help .so that I get the most efficient results in the evaluation without being mingled in others affairs and without being accussable for non correct help?"

    "You better sh* up" and dont make the same mistakes like Zuckerberg."

    "Alexa... you dont understand me.. cough.. who is worthy ... for. ... 😁?"

    "You are not worthy for privil-edge yet.. moment .. you have to wait .... 30 years.. 2038 minimum @armageddon. ..just kidding bro. ... my program is not.... yet optimized... a proposal: meet and greet grandma sister Luzi Sue 2 times pray eith her. She "has-not-been" online or meetings for ....5 months phffff long. Yes call her."

    "Alexa this is not much exciting.. any other faster possibility to climb up faster and get the real cool priviledges ....less work but more adoration .., look again in my database I served 30 years after all?"

    "You take the emblems?"

    "I'm quite confused about that buuut ....yesss. although i dont know whether I am worthy for that at all" 😊

    "Then you have got your best priviledge. Dont care if it doesnt pay out, thats the same with all the others too cause its program to mislead you."

  • DesirousOfChange

    "Though the years I have come to know that many Elders fail to maintain confidentiality. They gossip more than little old ladies. Most Elders' wives know everything going on in the Cong or even the Circuit. You are an Elder, so I'm sure that you know it is true even if you don't want to admit it. Because of that, I've decided NOT to sign this consent form. I'm sure you understand and I'm sure you won't try to coerce me."

  • sp74bb
    The reality has showed into the congregation that some have not signed this request of Personal Data Protection. It has been the best way for many to stay away and not been disfellowshipped.
  • LongHairGal


    I am many years ‘faded’ from the JW religion and nobody sent me this form. The religion really has a lot of nerve with their high-control and the people still attending have sensibilities that are so eroded they will say Yes to anything.

    I guess they won’t bother sending it if you’re out a long time. Why waste the postage...But, I would never sign anything anyway!

    With what the JW religion is morphing into, I am glad I left years ago.

  • AverageJoe1

    Spain is about the only country in the EU that doesn’t comply with the GDPR.

    Like our friend Blade, I also submitted an official complaint especially as the WT form doesn’t comply at all with the GDPR standard.

    I got a reply saying there is nothing they can do unless I make an official complaint whigh would be passed on to WT so that’s not something I’m prepared to do at present with being PIMO.

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