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  • paradiseseeker

    I had the meeting yesterday and there it was announced that there will be a new law passed in Spain regarding personal data.

    That law makes it compulsory for the WT Spanish branch to collect a signed permission from the publishers to keep and utilize personal data.

    No choice was given to us, we were just told to make sure we hand in our signed permissions before May 18th. If we wanted further information we could check "Privacy Politics" on

    Could it be an advantage for me not to sign the permission?

    I don't want to give my permission but I don't want to put their attention on me unnecessarily.

    What do you think?

  • Bobcat

    Think of all the leaked WT classified information that has come out just on this site, or the leaked pedophile information that has gotten into the hands of lawyers. Do you really trust the WT to keep your information secure? And you would have to trust, not just the WT corporation, but everyone at Bethel who has access to that information.

    IMO, it would be far safer to think about it for a while. You can always give your permission later (than May 18th), just as you can also cancel your permission later. But once they have your info you can only trust that they will delete it.

    That's my opinion anyways. ("No choice was given . . ." - Sounds like the elders are in a bind between what the WT wants and being fair with people. This is their way of solving that problem.)

  • Atlantis

    Bobcat is right! You have the right to speak to an attorney BEFORE signing anything. This is not just you. Your signing something for the Watchtower containing your personal information could affect every member of your family.

    The leaked information coming out of the Watchtower organization is massive. If you say NO and the Watchtower doesn't like it, then tell them to take their data form and put it where the sun don't shine!

    This week alone, I have heard from elders themselves they they are NOT going to sign anything without consulting a legal rep. This data crap the Watchtower is pulling is going to cost them a lot of members who can see right through this scam.


  • sir82

    Doesn't the WTS already have lots of data on its members, at least elders, MS, pioneers, LDC volunteers, etc.?

    For such "privileges of service", there would be a data file on you already. Most of the info would have been entered on JW.borg.

    Does this form that is supposed to be signed grant new rights to the WTS to collect more data, or to preserve their rights to what they have already collected?
  • gone for good
    gone for good

    I would suspect that the very way this information was presented to the sheep was purposely dishonest. (and possibly a violation of the privacy law itself)

    The BOrg wants to become a net collector of data for commercial profit (sale)

    WT Corp´s infantile 8 million represent a unique sample of how wilfully ignorant people can be manipulated to dedicate their entire lives to any whim of propagandists - even sacrificing their own families to obedience to the very organization that is fleecing, decieving and using them.

  • gone for good
    gone for good


    these privacy laws are to protect individuals by giving them clear rights as to what can be collected, stored or shared(sold) to third parties by the collector.

    Data collection is supposed to be business specific (only as much and no more) than that particular business needs to function effectively. Issues such as security clearances, health problems and financial situation of employees vary widely from industry to industry - thus should the collection of it´s data vary accordingly.

    Furthermore it is the individual who controls how much is offered for collection and to whom it may be shared.

    WT is dishonest in giving the impression that anyone MUST sign anything for them.

  • truthlover123
    Would this "privacy Form" be required so as to protect child molesters from releasing information to police, lawyers, etc. because they now have signed over to the WTBTS to be their representative in keeping things quiet?
  • sir82

    Yeah, I understand the dishonesty of the WTS...

    I guess my question is, what happens to the data the WTS has already collected, if a JW refuses to sign the consent form?

  • paradiseseeker

    I'm totally lost in these questions. I don't have the permission form right here but when I do I will upload it and translate it for you.

    From what I have read in the form and in the "privacy politics", that permission is necessary - among other things- to receive "spiritual help" and to perform theocratic privileges.

    As far as I understand, refusing to sign the permission is almost equivalent to state your willingness to become inactive. This would certainly make the elders keep an eye on me and it's just not the time for me to leave yet.

  • stillin

    I'm already inactive so I guess they'll leave me alone even though I get to most of the meetings.

    I suppose that I am already in the WTS files, whether I like it or not. I can't imagine what it is that they are after with this release form.

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