Got a sense of humor? Help!

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  • Scully

    My personal favorite is in the new Learn from the Great Teacher book, where it tells children that touching their private parts or (heaven forfend!) each other's private parts "makes Satan the Devil and the demons happy".

    It's not just about "you don't want to make Jehovah and Jesus sad, do you?", it's become "you don't want to do something that makes SATAN happy, do you?"

    Poor JW kids getting their minds f*cked on a regular basis - I have those books - the pink one, the red one, the yellow one and the paperback one - and I never let my kids near them.

  • rebel8

    I got a reply on Amazon. Apparently having a sense of humor makes me a "sad person".

    Way to go, Brad Schroeder! You sound like an awesome person!

    Initial post: Dec 28, 2016 10:59:48 PM PST Brad Schroeder says:
    What a sad little person you are. Tell me, what's it like having the Watchtower Society live rent free in your head?

    How about some of you normal people write some responses and/or rate my review?

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    I need to run now so I can continue being sad. LOL

  • Vidiot

    "Your Youth: Getting the Best Out of It"...

    ...f**king up your kids for forty years and counting... :smirk:

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