Got a sense of humor? Help!

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  • rebel8

    Nathan, Outlaw.....all of you hilarious people...this means you!

    I believe in humor as an effective way to bring attention to an important topic.

    Humor has made many people aware of the true nuttiness of the jw cult in the past (sign language masturbation video—went viral).

    Amazon allows humorous reviews and even showcases them. I love them so much that, when I’m having a bad day, I read them and laugh and laugh.

    You are some of the funniest people I know. I started a funny Amazon review of the Youth book and would like to invite you all to contribute a review or two.

    Besides the fact that this could get a lot of attention on the wackiness of the cult, it could be a lot of fun to do this!

    What to do:

    1. Go here to see the existing reviews. It’s important we all put the reviews on the same exact product page, I think. This book is for sale separately…different issues or whatever…let’s put all our reviews on the same one so it gets more attention.

    2. If you must, go here to view the Youth book to get ideas. Keep a barf bag nearby, along with the number of a mental health hotline and some brain bleach.

    3. React to existing reviews and create your own. You can make up a pseudonym on Amazon.

    4. Keep it going—we want Amazon to showcase this as a funny review. Ask your friends to contribute reviews!

  • Heaven

    Rebel, I just read that review for the "Your Youth" book. It's hilarious!

  • rebel8

    ONE reply to this thread? Awww...come on!

    Worst romance novel EVER! DO NOT BUY THIS!

    My neighbor recommended this book to me, insisting is is a very thought-provoking book. She recommended it after finding out I am an avid reader of romance novels.

    I was expecting the cover to be one of those photos of a topless muscle bound hunk riding a white horse on the beach. Instead it was a weird cardboard cover, solid red, with gold lettering, without an author's name. But my neighbor raved about it, so I got it.

    I should mention the artwork within the book is equally disappointing. There are no sexy pictures, just antiquated line drawings.

    I've read many romance novels, and some of them start slow. Not this one. It dives into the good stuff on page 22, which explains a generic encounter of two married people lying next to each other. They left everything else to the imagination. No details are given. I thought this must be a quirky writer's device.

    On page 26, it got interesting again, talking about thrills. Unfortunately, the thrill referred to was getting your period. I was like, "What the....?" This went on with some TMI about bodies developing during adolescence. To each his own, but for me, this was just ICK.

    My neighbor said I should keep reading because the book really does get good. There was a chapter for young ladies. On page 30, it talks about how to prevent premarital sex. What kind of romance novel tells people not to have sex?! I paged back to the boys' section and saw nothing on this topic. They say the boys need to be sure to please their wives, but they don't say the boys are responsible for preventing illicit liaisons--just the girls are responsible. Aha--are we working up to something interesting here? A little forbidden pleasure?

    Page 36 educates the reader that doctors and psychiatrists don't know best about our nether regions, and how the only good advice for our private lives comes from an ancient book written by goat herders. I don't get what this has to do with the romance storyline. I was still waiting for the line drawing of the 1950s girl in a poodle skirt and the line drawing of the nerdy boy to hook up.

    Around page 40, the author really starts a slow climb into some exciting stuff, but it takes an odd turn. It talks about pleasuring yourself--so far, so good--keep talking! Then it says it leads to homosexuality and is self abuse. Ooookaaaay? Where are we going with this, some kinky stuff?

    Instead of continuing in the right direction, the author says you should wear loose clothing, avoid bedtime snacks and sleeping on your back, and that poor hygiene can be a turn on (page 43). I mean, poor hygiene of your junk? Who says that in a romance novel? YUCK. At this point, I completely lost interest and stopped reading.

    I am guessing this is the anonymous author's first book. He needs to learn some better marketing techniques, get some better artwork, and learn how to build a storyline to, eh, climax.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Even though there is a place for humor, I would rather put in serious reviews on most of their books.

  • jwleaks

    Page 26: "menstruation . . . is a thrilling moment."

    That's right ladies, you better believe it. Written by men inspired by men. God bless the governing body of jehovah's witnesses for their words of wisdom.

  • carla

    Can't wait to read more reviews!

  • Scully

    "menstruation . . . is a thrilling moment."

    Yup, in the good old Bible-timey times, the time when a girl first had menstruation meant that her father could trade her to some rich old geezer to secure property and security for himself, whether she liked the arrangement or not.

  • Heaven

    I still have my copy of this book. I remember reading it and thinking they heap all the sexual properness responsibility on the girls. It pissed me off.

  • Saename

    Yeah... a bunch of old guys writing about menstruation. Bet some of them get off on that...

    By the way, does the Watchtower still write material wherein all the responsibility regarding sexual appropriateness is still heaped on the girls/women? I can't exactly remember from the days (around a half a year ago) when I was attending meetings... In my congregation, whenever there was a lesson about this topic, it was mostly gender-neutral, I think, such as "marriage spouses can't have oral sex."

  • rebel8

    For me, this was the most damaging piece of literature they ever wrote. I got beaten while studying it with Monster Dearest. Often. Because I would not agree with some of the stuff in it, like the stuff about dating. And because it was super humiliating to read that piece of trash. I was threatened with being brought to the elders for being so uncooperative during the study.

    God, talking about boys touching themselves or not cleaning your genitals causing masturbation, which causes homosexuality! And how doctors don't know anything because they always change their minds and jehoover's borganization never does.

    Studying that book was one of my worst life experiences.

    I would love to bring attention to this fact using humor. I think it is a total turn off to the cult.

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