Bro. Geoff in September 2018 Broadcast vs Serena Williams

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  • 3rdgen

    Generally speaking, I agree with Morph's comment. But the exception that proves the rule is Oakland Raiders, Steve Sweeney. He was a phenom in college and hit the big money when he was drafted to the championship team. But had the misfortune to study with JW's his first year as pro. They convinced him to get on the Theresa Graves bandwagon and quit. He "took the council" and was in my in-laws' congregation. Guess what year? Wait for it...1974.

    Wonder how he feels now about his life course. Prince, Larry, George et all? Hope he saved for retirement. LOL

  • jonahstourguide

    Too true Smiddy3,,, Alex Rance,,,, show pony and wanker in daily life. With anger management issues in the sports arena. Yeah, I met him at a Bollywood event in Carlton,,thought he was strange.. He also used to saunter around the Melton Assembly hall waiting for the adulation.

    I think he is over it now as my friends haven't mentioned him since he got sanctioned by the AFL for his loss of temper on the field and faking for free kicks .


  • FedUpJW

    Hey doubter...there is a perfect place for idiot JDubs like you...Go to JWTalk and join your own kind! They will no doubt love your kool-aid slurping comments!!

  • FedUpJW

    I would have saluted... with my middle finger.

    Is that you John? I would have broke that finger off and shoved it up your a/s/s, right beside your head! I don't give a damn if one is a JDub or not, RESPECT the flag of your country, unless of course you place yourself above Jesus himself and do not have to "pay back Caesars things to Caesar."

  • Vidiot
    carla - "...JWs can deny all they want which just makes them look weirder than they already are."

  • Rattigan350


    Are you saying that forcing someone to salute the flag is respecting the flag yourself/themselves? That is what brought about the Minersville vs West Virginia case where the Supreme Court struck down laws requiring any flag salute. Forced allegiance is what Hitler did and is no allegiance at all. JWs respect the flag more than others by following what it stands for, freedom.

    As far as breaking fingers and shoving things, they tried that with Billy Jack too.

  • FedUpJW

    JWs respect the flag more than others by following what it stands for, freedom.

    And where pray tell does flipping the middle finger at the flag fall in the realm of showing more respect than others. I said nothing about FORCING a salute. But willful disrespect is another ballgame, and you know it!

    I had to put up with the bullshit that resulted from a "good" JDub elder who did just that...flipped the bird at the U.S. flag, and made his children do so also as the colors passed in front of us during a community parade! BIG difference between that and showing simple respect, standing silently.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Doubter - just how dumb are you? How is saying that most normal (read not brain dead JWs) have no problem with sex outside of marriage and use profanity on occasion putting my foot in my mouth? Do you even know what that phrase means? I'm going to assume you are not a native English speaking American.

    Here's the Cambridge definition:

    put your foot in your mouth

    to say or do something that you should not have, esp. something thatembarrasses someone else:

    Most non-JWs do NOT know the difference between baptized and not. Nor do they care. Serena self identifies as a JW and for most people, they are going to take her at her word. The WTS certainly hasn't said anything to counteract that claim in public.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Just to clarify, sex before marriage most people have no issues with. Obviously, most people believe adultery is not acceptable behavior.

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